How does the social get into the hydrogeological? - A brief introduction to the new field of socio-hydrogeology

Theresa Frommen1, Maike Gröschke2, Viviana Re3, Tobias Krüger1
1 IRI THESys, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
2 Abteilung für Grundwasser und Boden, BGR Hannover
3 Earth Sciences Department, University of Pisa

13.3 in Freie Themen

27.03.2020, 14:30-14:45, Händel-Saal

At the IAH Conference 2019 in Málaga the formation of the new IAH Network Socio-Hydrogeology was announced. For some years now, the number of research projects and publications that apply and address socio-hydrogeological aspects has been increasing. But what exactly do we mean by socio-hydrogeology? And why do we consider it essential to rethink and, if necessary, expand existing research and working methods? What are the possible concepts of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches in hydrogeology and related disciplines? In this talk we want to discuss these questions in an introductory way. However, to go beyond theory, we present a handful of the most interesting methods from the social sciences that can be applied in hydrogeological practice and discuss their advantages and disadvantages using examples from different countries. Finally, we give a short outlook on the future steps of the new network and discuss where further research and discussion is needed.

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