Groundwater and Catchments - Processes, Data and Models

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research will host the 27th conference of the FH-DGGV from 25 – 28 March 2020. The theme of the conference – Groundwater and Catchments  – focuses on the role of groundwater at a large spatial scale. As a transmitter and reactor, groundwater in catchments transports matter from the subsurface into rivers. The extent to which small-scale transport and turnover processes affect the large scale often remains unclear.

Groundwater is a national resource which must remain protected and useable in the long term, especially in light of advancing climate change with increasing weather extremes such as heat waves and drought. Efficient groundwater management requires bringing together data as well as recognizing and describing processes in order to eventually develop robust models able to predict future conditions. To this end, we need an integrated approach that connects different scientific disciplines and approaches to research.

The FH-DGGV Conference 2020 provides a platform to professionals from research, government, industry and organizations to exchange ideas and experience and present their findings. In 13 sessions, aspects of monitoring, data analysis, process research and modelling will be presented. Advanced training courses and excursions build upon the lecture and poster programme. We look forward to your contributions and an exciting conference in Leipzig.

The Organising Team of the FH-DGGV Conference 2020