Date: Friday, 27 March 2020, 15:00, Telemann-Saal

“Pani Check – The Sisterhood of Water” and “Pani Doctors – Join the Sisterhood of Water”

The transdisciplinary cooperation between hydrogeologist Theresa Frommen from Freie Universität Berlin and freelance filmmaker Katalin Ambrus resulted in two films about a participatory and interdisciplinary hydrogeological project in India (2016-2019). Showing will be the 52-minute documentary and the 10-minute educational film, which was co-written with the Indian protagonists. The films highlight the sometimes unusual challenges faced by hydrogeolgists when working with local communities as well as the importance of new forms of science communication. The premiere of the films took place in May 2019 in Berlin ( where it received positive Feedback.

Following each showing, there will be a Q&A session.

Pani Check


Rekha Devi and Zeenat Begum have a problem: the scant water in their slum is polluted. German hydrogeologist Theresa Frommen is asked to help. But can illiterate women learn the scientist’s complicated methods? And is she prepared to get involved in the social structures of an Indian slum?


Pani Doctors


The Indian slum Khara Kuaa transforms into a colorful theater stage as Rekha Devi, Zeenat Begum and their neighbors unpack the scientific water test kit. An educational musical developed in collaboration with the women from two slums in Jaipur, who participated in a hydrogeological model project.



Theresa Frommen studied Geological Sciences with a focus on Hydrogeology at Freie Universität Berlin, RWTH Aachen University and University of Manchester. After completing her Master’s degree, she became a research associate and doctoral student at the Hydrogeology Group, Institute of Geological Sciences, FU Berlin, doing research about participatory methods in hydrogeology with a focus on India. She lived and worked from September 2016 to January 2018 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Since September 2019, Theresa is a Postdoc at IRI THESys, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, within the group of Prof. Dr. Tobias Krüger in the frame of the Geo.X Young Academy “Geo.Society”.



Katalin Ambrus, born in Romania, is currently mostly living in Berlin. After having worked as a journalist for the public broadcasters ARD, ARTE and rbb and the independent newspaper taz, she is now dedicating herself to artistic and experimental projects and to collaborations with NGOs, currently in India, Ecuador and Colombia. Her interactive web documentary “The Sand Mine” has been shown at many film festivals worldwide, including DOK Leipzig, FIPA Biarritz, the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival or the STIFF Seattle. She has received many awards including the Goldene Kamera Digital Award and she has been nominated for one of the most prestigious awards in Germany: The Grimme Online Award.