Integrated System Analysis to Understand the Implications of the Asian Monsoon System on the Tibetan Hydrology with Focus on Nam Co Basin

DFG FL 141/28-1 , HO 1840/8-1 (SPP 1372)

From 07/2008 to 06/2011

Principal Investigator: Wolfgang-Albert Flügel, Volker Hochschild, Jörg Helmschrot, Peter Krause
Staff: Jan Kropacek, Sophie Biskop

The Tibetan Plateau has an outstanding relevance for the global climate dynamics through its impact on the Asian monsoon system, which in turn causes feedbacks to the vulnerable Tibetan ecosystem. Considering global climate change, little knowledge is given on the impact of the monsoon dynamics on the eco-hydrological system, but evidence of melting glaciers and permafrost as well as increasing evapotranspiration rates indicate significant system changes regarding water availability.

The main objective of this research study is the development of an integrated system analysis approach in order to understand the hydrological implications of the Asian monsoon system on the Nam Co Basin, linking lake level fluctuations with water balance modelling of its tributaries. Integrated field studies, geostatistics, remote sensing and GIS techniques will provide the spatio-temporal data, parameter and information required for distributed, process-oriented hydrological modelling, utilizing the J2000 model. This will result in a prognostic assessment of the impact of climate change affected monsoon dynamics on the water balance of Tibetan basins. The received information and model results will be incorporated into ITIS, the Integrated Tibet Information System.

Homepage: http://www.geoinf.uni-jena.de/7036.0.html

List of publications of this Project

Kropacek, J; Braun, A; Feng, C; Ye, Q; Kang, S; Hochschild, V: Analysis of lake level changes of Nam Co in Central Tibet by synergy of satellite altimetry and evaluation of optical satellite imagery, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation (accepted) (2011)
Hochschild, V; Kropacek, J; Biskop , S; Braun, A; Chen, F; Fink, M; Helmschrot, J; Kang, S; Krause, P; Leiterer, R; Ye, Q; Flügel, WA: Multisensoral Remote Sensing Based Modelling of the Water Balance of Endorheic Lakes on the Tibetan Plateau, Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2010, Proceedings of a Symposium held at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, September 2010, IAHS Publ. 3XX (in press) (2011)
Biskop , S; Krause, P; Leiterer, R; Helmschrot, J: Linking Large-scale, Long-term Modeling and Micro-scale, Short-term Process Studies to Assess Climate-driven Changes in Hydrological Dynamics in the Nam Co Basin, Tibet, China, Proceedings of AGU (2010)
Krause, P; Biskop , S; Helmschrot, J; Flügel, WA; Kang, S; Gao, T: Integrated System Analysis and Modelling of Nam Co Basin, Advances in Geosciences, 27, 29-36 (2010)
Kropacek, J; Feng, C; Alle, M; Kang, S; Hochschild, V: Temporal and Spatial Aspects of Snow Distribution in the Nam Co Basin on the Tibetan Plateau from MODIS Data, Remote Sensing, 2, 2700-2712 (2010)

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