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Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften

Professur Agrarökologie - Prof. Dr. Johanna Pausch

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Seminar: Global Change and Agroecosystems (MUI8; A5b) (20085)

WS 2021/2022

Johanna Pausch, Mutez Ali Ahmed, Khatab Abdalla

Vorbesprechung: tba

Seminar: Blockveranstaltung, 18.-19.02.2022

Learning Objectives:
The module goal is to learn fundamental knowledge about regional and global developments in agroecosystems.

Course Content:
Concepts of agroecosystems research; Ecological mechanisms and processes that are influenced by global change; Drought; Principles of soil and plant water relationships; Implication of drought for agriculture worldwide; Human impact on water balances and resources on different scales; Hydrologic and biogeochemical interactions

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