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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Professorship Agroecology - Prof. Dr. Johanna Pausch

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Seminar: Rhizosphere Biogeochemistry and Biophysics (00086)

WS 2018/2019

Johanna Pausch, Andrea Carminati

Vorbesprechung:  07.01.2018 12-14 Uhr S25

Seminar: 08./09.02.2018 (Beginn 08.02. um 14 Uhr) H6


Learning Objectives

The module goal is to learn fundamental soil physical and biogeochemical processes taking place at the root-soil interface and their larger scale implications.

Course Content

Basic and advanced principles of soil physics and biophysics; Soil hydrology; Solute transport in the vadose; Root-soil interactions; Biogeochemical processes in soils; Water-carbon cycles in terrestrial systems; Physical and biogeochemical methods in soil science; Root-soil interactions in a changing climate and impacts on agricultural practices.

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