Open Positions

Open position as scientists: Impact of water use on ecosystem services - Comparing national water use with virtual water trade

2 PhD positions to conduct research on water use impacts on ecosystem services are available at the Professorship of Ecological Services (PES), University of Bayreuth.


Contact: Thomas Koellner

PhD student position in Tropical and Functional Ecology

The Tropical and Functional Ecology group at the Plant Ecology department in the University of Bayreuth (Germany) anticipates a 3 year Doctoral Researcher position (65% TV-L E13) starting in March/April 2017, funded by DFG. The doctoral researcher will participate in a research project on drought and land use effects on grassland ecosystems, through the study of functional traits and their link to plant species vulnerability and distribution.


Contact: Bettina Engelbrecht

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Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten:
Su. 2017-09-24 now
Konzert: Matinee im Garten mit dem Blockflötenensemble der Städtischen Musikschule Bayreuth
Su. 2017-10-01
Herberge für Specht & Co.: Die Streuobstwiese
Su. 2017-10-15
Der ÖBG zum Kennenlernen: Allgemeine Gartenführung
Th. 2017-10-05
Bayreuther Klimaschutzsymposium 2017
Th. 2017-10-12
BayCEER Workshop 2017
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