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DS3231 Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DS3231:

Public Member Functions

void begin ()
void adjust (const DateTime &dt)
DateTime now ()
uint8_t readRegister (uint8_t regaddress)
void writeRegister (uint8_t regaddress, uint8_t value)
void enableInterrupts (uint8_t periodicity)
void enableInterrupts (uint8_t hh24, uint8_t mm, uint8_t ss)
void disableInterrupts ()
void clearINTStatus ()
void convertTemperature ()
float getTemperature ()

Protected Attributes

uint8_t intType
uint8_t intPeriodicity
uint8_t intHH24
uint8_t intMM

Detailed Description

Definition at line 61 of file RTClib.h.

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