Do. 17.07.2014, Closing, H15, NWI

Award Winners

Poster and oral presentations of Junior Scientists were eveluated by a poster jury and the session chairs. From numerous nominations the following scientists were awarded:

Best Poster on MONDAY

P 7.16

 P 7.16 Ritson

Jonathan Ritson, Graham Nigel, Templeton Michael, Freeman Chris, Clark Joanna 


Assessing the impact of catchment management and climatic change on dissolved organic carbon flux in relation to drinking water treatment.

Best Poster on TUESDAY

P 2.40 P 2.40 Lupon

Anna Lupon, Stefan Gerber, Francesc Sabater, Susana Bernal


Modelling the climatic response of soil nitrogen cycle in three Mediterranean forests.

Best Oral Presentation

O 4.8 O 4.8 Wild

Birgit Wild, Jörg Schnecker, Anna Knoltsch, Mounir Takriti, Maria Mooshammer, Norman Gentsch, Robert Mikutta, Ricardo Alves, Antje Gittel, Nikolay Lashchinskiy, Andreas Richter


Constraints of protein depolymerization on soil nitrogen availability along a latitudinal transect in Western Siberia

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