Sonntag, 13.07.2014

19:00Welcome Evening (Eremitage)

Montag, 14.07.2014

09:00Opening Ceremony (H15, NWI)

Key Note1: Hjalmar Laudon (H15, NWI)
Dissolved organic matter in the boreal landscape: Function, dynamics and regulation

10:15Coffee Break

"Below ground turnover of C and nutrients in forest soils"


Douglas Godbold (AT),
Ivika Ostonen (EE)

Invited Talk 4: Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari: Role of roots and mycorrhizal mycelia in soil C and N cycling

"Long term trends in the functioning of ecosystems"


Jakob Hruska (CZ),
Kari Austnes (NO)

Invited Talk 1: Henning Meesenburg et al.: Long-term monitoring of ecosystem functions at Solling, Germany: Recovery from acidification or new risks due to climate change?

"Controls of dissolved organic matter fluxes in ecosystems"


Joanna Clark (UK),
Klaus Holger Knorr (DE)

Invited Talk 7: Chris Evans: Brown water in the Conwy, Kalimantan and Kyoto: DOC in the carbon balance of managed peatlands

"Trace element and metal biogeochemistry"


Ruth Hindshaw (UK),
Juraj Farkaš (CZ)

Invited Talk 8: Anne-Désirée Schmitt et al.: Ca isotopes in ecosystem research
11:15O 4.1: Bartosz Adamczyk et al.: New insights into the role of tannins in controlling N cycling of boreal forest soils O 1.1: Jan Frouz et al.: Long tem measurement along chronosequence of post mining sites, a good tool to explore ecosystem transition. O 7.1: Heleen de Wit et al.: Changing aquatic DOC export – implications for the terrestrial carbon sink O 8.1: Martin Novák et al.: Ca and Mg isotope systematics in Central European forest ecosystems in an era of retreating acidification
11:35O 4.2: Ivano Brunner et al.: How drought affects tree roots as a major source of SOM O 1.2: Michael Hauhs et al.: Long-term Observations in a Norway Spruce Forest at Lange Bramke, Harz (Germany) O 7.2: Reiner Giesler et al.: Stream dissolved organic carbon in a changing tundra landscape O 8.2: Tomáš Navrátil et al.: Mercury in soil and stream water of selected catchments within the Czech Republic
11:55O 4.3: Marcella Catoni et al.: Effect of litter quality and soil variables on the stabilization of organic matter O 1.3: Felix Heitkamp et al.: Nitrogen and phosphorous cycling after four millenia of grazing O 7.3: Frank Hagedorn et al.: Experimental soil warming alters the sources of DOM in alpine treeline soils O 8.3: Maria Bonsignore et al.: Mercury isotopes to explore sources and fate of Hg in the environment: the case study of the Augusta Bay (southern Italy)
12:15O 4.4: Martina Gocke et al.: The deep rhizosphere: an underestimated component of long-term organic matter dynamics O 1.4: Stephan Köhler et al.: Sensitivity analyses of MAGIC modelled predictions of future impacts of whole-tree harvest on soil calclum supply and stream acid neutralizing capacity O 7.4: José Ledesma et al.: Potential for long-term transfer of DOC from riparian zones to streams in boreal catchments O 8.4: Justin Richardson et al.: Mercury, Pb, Cu and Zn concentrations in forest soils along three chronosequences in the northeastern US
12:35Lunch (Mensa)

Key Note 2: Susan Trumbore (H15, NWI)
Getting to the roots of soil carbon cycling

14:45Coffee Break
15:15O 4.5: Andreas Schindlbacher et al.: Warming effects on soil C-cycling: Nine years of artificial soil warming in a temperate mountain forest O 1.5: Thomas Dirnböck et al.: LTER Zöbelboden - Coupling long-term monitoring and ecosystem modelling to study nitrogen cycling in a small karst catchment in Austria O 7.5: Carsten Meyer-Jacob et al.: Historical landscape utilization and centennial scale changes in lake-water carbon: brownification beyond the perspective of monitoring O 8.5: Jan Vymazal et al.: Heavy metals in Phragmites australis and Phalaris arundinacea biomass in constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment: a comparative study
15:35O 4.6: Mark Smits et al.: The role of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the breakdown of soil organic matter O 1.6: Josef Hejzlar et al.: Effect of land use on chloride leaching from a large heterogeneous central European catchment during 1900–2010 O 7.6: Don Monteith et al.: Can the spatial distribution of dissolved organic carbon concentration in upland waters inform our understanding of processes and long term trends. O 8.6: Julie Tolu et al.: Combining novel (Py-GC-MS) emerging (FTIRS) and established (XRF; Pb isotope) methods to trace the transport and fate of organic matter and trace metals (As, Co, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn) in a whole-lake basin
15:55O 4.7: Sandra Spielvogel et al.: Influence of single trees on spatial and temporal patterns of cutin and suberin distribution and turnover in soil O 1.7: Colin Whitfield et al.: Acid-sensitivity in the western boreal forest of Canada, and the importance of atmospheric base cation deposition for preventing soil acidification O 7.7: Darren Baldwin et al.: Dissolved organic carbon dynamics in a large lowland river O 8.7: Pamela Di Tullo et al.: Dynamics of Selenium Cycling in Deciduous Forests
16:15O 4.8: Birgit Wild et al.: Constraints of protein depolymerization on soil nitrogen availability along a latitudinal transect in Western Siberia O 1.8: Jaroslav Vrba et al.: Constrains of biological recovery of the Bohemian Forest lakes from acid stress O 7.8: Adam Wymore et al.: Following the community and ecosystem consequences of labile DOM transformations in aquatic ecosystems O 8.8: Stephan Köhler et al.: Landscape types and pH control organic matter mediated mobilization of Al, Fe, U and La in boreal catchments

Poster Session 1:

Sessions 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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Dienstag, 15.07.2014

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Key Note 3: Peter B. Reich (H15, NWI)
Global change, biodiversity, and the terrestrial biosphere: linking plant traits and biogeochemical processes


"Biogeochemistry of wetlands"


Nancy Dise (UK),
Christian Blodau (DE)

Invited Talk 6: Ülo Mander et al.: Global vs local patterns of N2O and CH4 emissions and regulating factors in peatlands
O 1.9: Katarzyna Sawicka et al.: Statistical and dynamic modelling of long-term trends of dissolved organic carbon in soil water

"Linking biodiversity and biogeochemistry"


Michael Scherer-Lorenzen (DE),
Gerlinde de Deyn (NL)

Invited Talk 5: Jan Willem Van Groenigen et al.: Biodiversity of plants and fauna: the missing link in N2O research?

"Weathering and chemical processes as keys to ecosystem functioning"


Mark Smits (BE),
Heather Buss (UK)

Invited Talk 11: Aaron Thompson: Timescales for perturbing the ecosystem function of soil iron
10:20O 1.10: Stephen Norton et al.: Watershed and climate controls on rare earth element mobility
10:40Coffee Break
11:00O 6.1: Francesc Sabater et al.: Temporal and spatial patterns of N2O and CO2 emissions in a semiarid Mediterranean riparian zone, contrast between a wet and dry year O 1.11: Pavel Krám et al.: Long-term integrated research at ultrabasic catchment (Pluhův Bor, Czech Republic) O 5.1: François-Xavier Joly et al.: Does litter leachate diversity lead to non-additive effect on litter decomposition and soil microbial activity? O 11.1: Ruth Hindshaw et al.: Differences in sulfur cycling and bacterial composition in two high Arctic catchments
11:20O 6.2: Vytas Huth et al.: The effect of biomass harvesting on greenhouse gas emissions from a rewetted temperate fen O 1.12: Salar Valinia et al.: Evaluating the effect of decadal trends in Dissolved Organic Carbon in regional acidification assessment of boreal lakes O 5.2: Ingo Schöning et al.: Relative importance of soil microbial diversity for soil respiration in semi-natural grassland soils O 11.2: Fyodor Kot et al.: On soil boron turnover in soil–plant system with emphasis on organic matter
11:40O 6.3: Klaus-Holger Knorr et al.: Plant diversity controls biogeochemical peat properties within an ombrotrophic bog in Southern Patagonia O 1.13: Ivan Fernandez et al.: 15N enrichment of the forest floor after a whole scale 15N tracer addition at a long-term forested paired watershed site in Maine, USA O 5.3: Ann-Mari Fransson: There is a strong negative relationship between soil phosphorus and species richness in grasslands O 11.3: Judith Mehlhorn et al.: Carbon dioxide triggered metal(loid) mobilisation in a mofette
12:00O 6.4: Werner Borken et al.: Nitrogen fixation in nodules of the conifer Lepidothamnus fonkii (Phil.) in Patagonian peatlands, Chile O 5.4: Seid Muhie Dawud et al.: Functional significance of tree species diversity for soil C, N and pH under major European forest types

"Environmental controls on fluxes and processes in ecosystems"


Heleen de Wit (NO),
Frank Hagedorn (CH)

Invited Talk 2: Claus Beier: Controls and impacts of atmospheric and climate change on terrestrial ecosystems - complex interactions, extreme events and lessons for the future

"Critical unknowns in the cycling of P in forest, grassland and wetland ecosystems"


Mark Bakker (FR),
Else Bünemann (CH)

Invited Talk 9: Reiner Giesler: Time to re-define available P; hints from molecular approaches and landscape patterns in boreal forests
12:20O 6.5: Christian Blodau et al.: Nitrogen pollution impact on bogs depends on N load and plant performance - a modelling analysis O 5.5: Jordan Guiz et al.: Long term effects of plant diversity and composition on plant stoichiometry
12:40Lunch (Mensa)

Key Note 4: Luca Bragazza (H15, NWI)
Biogeochemical impacts of climate warming and atmospheric nitrogen deposition in peatlands: An aboveground-belowground perspective

15:00Coffee Break
15:30O 6.6: Shaun Watmough et al.: The biogeochemistry of metal contaminated peatlands O 2.1: Min Jung Kwon et al.: Impact of long-term hydrologic disturbance on a permafrost floodplain in Northeast Siberia O 5.6: Marie Uksa et al.: The importance of biopores for the microbial diversity and nutrient turnover in the subsoil O 9.1: Nina Gottselig et al.: Fine colloidal and nanoparticulate P, Fe, Al and C distribution in stream water of a German mountainous forest catchment
15:50O 6.7: Pauline Geier et al.: Organic matter controls re-distribution of Fe oxides in soils subjected to submersion O 2.2: Karsten Kalbitz et al.: Carbon cycling in a Calluna heathland in The Netherlands: Ecosystem development and drought O 5.7: Anke Jentsch et al.: Climate change manipulations alter biodiversity and biogeochemistry of a temperate grassland community O 9.2: Claude Plassard et al.: Do trophic relationships in soil enhance organic P cycling and plant P nutrition? Phytate mineralization as a case study
16:10O 6.8: Asmaa Rouwane et al.: Impact of N and P on the release of DOM, As and Sb in wetland O 2.3: Nam Jin Noh et al.: Open-field warming experiments on soil carbon fluxes and pools in cool-temperate deciduous forests, Japan O 5.8: Makoto Kobayashi et al.: Ungulate herbivory modifies belowground properties differently depending on the afforestation practice in cool-temperate forests O 9.3: Corina Buendía et al.: Can phosphorus redistribution by animals fertilise Amazonian lowlands?

Poster Session 2:

Sessions 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12

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20:00Conference Dinner (Herzogkeller)

Mittwoch, 16.07.2014


Donnerstag, 17.07.2014

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Key Note 5: Benjamin Turner (H15, NWI)
The ecological significance of soil phosphorus in lowland tropical rain forests


"Fluxes between the atmosphere and ecosystems"


Klaus Butterbach-Bahl (DE),
Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern (AT)

Invited Talk 3: Pascal Boeckx et al.: N2O consumption: ecosystem function and proposed mechanisms
O 2.4: Emily Solly et al.: Turnover and stabilization of root derived carbon and nitrogen in soils along climate and land-use gradients in the Biodiversity Exploratories.

"Restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems"


Jörg Luster (CH),
Cecilia Akselsson (SE)

Invited Talk 12: Thomas Hein et al.: Restoration of key ecosystem functions in river floodplain stretches along the Danube River
O 9.4: Nina Hacker et al.: Plant species richness effects on P cycling: a comparison between experimental and established grasslands.
10:20O 2.5: Carlos Sierra: Sensitivity of soil organic matter decomposition to simultaneous changes in temperature and moisture O 9.5: Florian Werner et al.: Distribution of phosphorus concentration in two German forest soils from the nanometer- to the profile scale
10:40Coffee Break
11:00O 3.1: Fotis Sgouridis et al.: Land management effects on in-situ denitrification and N2O emission in natural and semi-natural land use types in two UK catchments. O 2.6: Steffen Heinrich et al.: Microbial utilization of litter carbon under the effect of extreme weather events O 12.1: Gerald Jurasinski et al.: Five years of transition – atmospheric C-exchange dynamics of a coastal fen after rewetting

"Links between the N cycle and other elements"


Per Gundersen (DK),
Christine Goodale (US)

Invited Talk 10: Melanie Vile et al.: The Importance of Biological N2-fixation in Peatlands Across Northern Latitudes
11:20O 3.2: Minghua Zhou et al.: Trade-offs between nitrate leaching and soil nitrous oxide emissions in the agricultural landscapes of China O 2.7: Jörg Schnecker et al.: Temperature sensitivity of microbial processes and functions in a long-term soil warming experiment O 12.2: Leon PM Lamers: Restoration of minerotrophic peatlands in Europe and North America: from trial and error to an evidence-based, biogeochemical approach
11:40O 3.3: Chris J. Curtis et al.: Assessing the reliability of δ15N as a proxy for atmospheric reactive N deposition in remote Arctic lakes: an integrated study of the biogeochemistry of δ15N in snowpack and lake sediments along a precipitation gradient in south-west Greenland O 2.8: Marion Schrumpf et al.: Drought and plant phenology influence apparent temperature sensitivity of soil respiration more than seasonal changes in enzyme activities O 12.3: Cecilia Akselsson et al.: Recovery from acidification in a strong deposition gradient in Sweden – the impact of nitrogen, sea salt episodes and sulphur adsorption O 10.1: Louise C. Andresen et al.: Climate change impacts on amino acid production and gross mineralization in heathland soil
12:00O 3.4: Shih-Chieh Chang et al.: Respiration fluxes of a montane cloud forest in Taiwan O 2.9: Juergen Kreyling et al.: Nitrogen leaching after a winter warm spell in temperate ecosystems is driven by plant responses O 12.4: Jan Frouz: Recovery of soil and soil biota on post mining sites along climatic gradient across continental USA O 10.2: Christine Hellmann et al.: Resolving changes in N cycling and plant C/N ratios after invasion of an exotic N2-fixing Acacia on a spatial scale
12:20O 3.5: Thomas Foken et al.: Exchange of energy and matter near the forest floor O 2.10: Kara Allen et al.: Soil nitrogen cycling in lowland forests converted to oil palm and rubber plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia O 12.5: Isabel Párraga-Aguado et al.: The importance of pioneer plant species succession and edaphic niches for the phytomanagement of mining impacted ecosystems O 10.3: Jiri Kopacek et al.: Factors controlling nitrogen leaching from a large central European catchment during 1900–2010.
12:40Lunch (Mensa)

Key Note 6: Christine Goodale (H15, NWI)
Nitrogen deposition, nitrogen retention, and forest carbon storage

15:00Coffee Break
15:30O 3.6: Maren Dubbert et al.: Partitioning ecosystem net water fluxes using stable oxygen isotopes and the link to productivity in a Mediterranean oak woodland O 2.11: Mathias Mayer et al.: Post-windthrow dynamics of soil CO2 efflux in mountainous forests of the Austrian Alps O 12.6: Beate Michalzik et al.: Formation of “fertile islands” and elements stocks over 45 years of Renosterveld restoration in the Voëlvlei area, Western Cape, South Africa O 10.4: Yakov Kuzyakov et al.: Competition between roots and microorganisms for nitrogen: mechanisms and ecological relevance
15:50O 3.7: Julia Schneider et al.: Do Russian peatlands dominate the European methane budget? O 2.12: Jiří Kaňa et al.: Bark beetle infestation induced changes in soil chemistry and biochemistry O 12.7: klaus von wilpert et al.: Soil regenerative liming and its environmental effects O 10.5: Gabriele Trommer et al.: Impacts of increased atmospheric nitrogen deposition on plankton communities of phosphorus limited lake ecosystems
16:10O 3.8: Wenjing Liu et al.: The fate of 15N-labelled nitrogen deposition in N-saturated pinus massoniana forest, Southwest of China O 2.13: Tadanobu Nakayama et al.: Missing role of inland water on global carbon cycle by developing advanced process-based model O 12.8: Johan Iwald et al.: Biological acidification trends in Swedish forest soils O 10.6: Edzo Veldkamp et al.: Fluxes and fates of nitrogen in soils of old-growth tropical montane forests with elevated nitrogen input
16:30Closing Ceremony (H15, NWI)
17:00Busses depart to hotels (17:15)