3 Fluxes between the atmosphere and ecosystems


Klaus Butterbach-Bahl (DE),
Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern (AT)

Donnerstag, 10:00-16:30, H17

Biosphere-atmosphere fluxes are largely controlled by changes in environmental conditions, atmospheric composition (CO2 concentration, N deposition) and human interventions such as fertilization, ploughing or irrigation. Though interdependencies have been established for a number of individual sites, there is still a lack of cross system analysis unraveling commonalities or identifying major differences between terrestrial ecosystems in different climate zones. Moreover, research in biosphere-atmosphere exchange processes has largely focused on temperate regions, while information for tropical and subtropical regions, where major changes in landuse and land management occur, remains scarce. We are looking for studies tackling cross system comparison and innovative instrumental or methodical approaches aiming at quantifying ecosystem-atmosphere exchange processes.


Session key note speaker:

Pascal Boeckx (BE) Aerobic and anaerobic N2O consumption in model micro-organisms: a useful paradigm to explain N2O consumption by soils?

10:00Invited Talk 3: Pascal Boeckx et al.: N2O consumption: ecosystem function and proposed mechanisms
10:40Coffee Break
11:00O 3.1: Fotis Sgouridis et al.: Land management effects on in-situ denitrification and N2O emission in natural and semi-natural land use types in two UK catchments.
11:20O 3.2: Minghua Zhou et al.: Trade-offs between nitrate leaching and soil nitrous oxide emissions in the agricultural landscapes of China
11:40O 3.3: Chris J. Curtis et al.: Assessing the reliability of δ15N as a proxy for atmospheric reactive N deposition in remote Arctic lakes: an integrated study of the biogeochemistry of δ15N in snowpack and lake sediments along a precipitation gradient in south-west Greenland
12:00O 3.4: Shih-Chieh Chang et al.: Respiration fluxes of a montane cloud forest in Taiwan
12:20O 3.5: Thomas Foken et al.: Exchange of energy and matter near the forest floor
12:40Lunch (Mensa)
14:15Key Note 6: Christine Goodale (H15, NWI)Nitrogen deposition, nitrogen retention, and forest carbon storage
15:00Coffee Break
15:30O 3.6: Maren Dubbert et al.: Partitioning ecosystem net water fluxes using stable oxygen isotopes and the link to productivity in a Mediterranean oak woodland
15:50O 3.7: Julia Schneider et al.: Do Russian peatlands dominate the European methane budget?
16:10O 3.8: Wenjing Liu et al.: The fate of 15N-labelled nitrogen deposition in N-saturated pinus massoniana forest, Southwest of China
16:30Closing Ceremony (H15, NWI)

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P 3.1 Monique Andres, Vytas Huth, Jürgen Augustin
Influence of soil tillage system on CO2, N2O and CH4 exchange, climate impact, and C/N budgets of winter oilseed rape in NE Germany
P 3.2 Irina Averkieva, Irina Grosovskaya, Kristina Ivashenko
The interaction between atmospheric deposition of mineral nitrogen and soil-vegetation indices in forests ecosystem of European Russia
P 3.3 Héctor García Gómez, Fernando Valiño, Sheila Izquieta, Laura Aguillaume, Ignacio González-Fernández, Héctor Calvete-Sogo, David Elustondo, Jesús M Santamaría, Anna Àvila, Rocío Alonso
Atmospheric nitrogen inputs and cycling in Mediterranean evergreen broadleaf forests (Quercus ilex): Results from the EDEN project.
P 3.4 Veronika Jilkova, Jan Frouz
Seasonal changes in methane consumption in wood ant nests
P 3.5 Hubert Jochheim, Stephan Wirth
Continuous measurement of vertical distribution of CO2 concentration and its isotopic signature in a beech and a pine forest soil
P 3.6 Nicole Jurisch, Ulrike Hagemann, Natalia Pehle, Jürgen Augustin
Reducing uncertainty – are high-resolution CO2 flux measurements after fertilizer application necessary for reliable estimates of net ecosystem exchange?
P 3.7 Per Erik Karlsson, Cecilia Akselsson, Martin Ferm, Sofie Hellsten, Hans Hultberg, Karin Hansen, Gunilla Pihl Karlsson
Total deposition of nitrogen and base cations to Norway spruce forests in Sweden
P 3.8 Thomas Laemmel, Martin Maier, Manuel Mohr, Dirk Schindler, Friederike Lang, Helmer Schack-Kirchner
Gas fluxes from soil to atmosphere: what do the eddies?
P 3.9 Thomas Leipold, Dennis Otieno, Eun-Young Jung, John Tenhunen
Tree water use for the dominant tree species at Mt. Kilimanjaro
P 3.10 Jörg Luster, Christian Bruderer, Pascal Niklaus, Stefan Huxol
Nitrous oxide production in floodplain soils as affected by flooding
P 3.11 Martin Maier, Helmer Schack-Kirchner, Friederieke Lang
A new in situ method to determine 2 D patterns of soil gas diffusivity and methane oxidation in a soil profile
P 3.12 Katharina H. E. Meurer, Hermann F. Jungkunst, Uwe Franko, Oliver Spott, Claus F. Stange
Fluxes of N2O and CH4 from soils under land use change in Southern Amazonia
P 3.13 Oleg Mikhaylov, Svetlana Zagirova
Methane and carbon dioxide fluxes in the peatland ecosystem of European North-East of Russia
P 3.14 Tomoaki Morishita, Yojiro Matsuura, Takuya Kajimoto, Akira Osawa, Olga Zyryanova, Anatoly Prokushkin
Effect of N fertilization on CO2, CH4, and N2O fluxes from a Larix gmelinii forest soil in a continuous permafrost region of central Siberia
P 3.15 Bhone Nay-Htoon, Xue Wei, Maren Dubbert, Jonghan Ko, Christiane Werner
Seasonal and spatial variations of carbon and water fluxes of rice (Oryza Stiva) from leaf to field scale
P 3.16 Johan Neirynck
Role of ammonia in the SO2 flux over a mixed forest
P 3.17 Gunilla Pihl Karlsson, Cecilia Akselsson, Sofie Hellsten, Per Erik Karlsson
The Swedish Throughfall Monitoring network (SWETHRO) - 25 years of monitoring air pollution concentrations, deposition and soil water chemistry across Sweden in relation to European emissions of sulphur and nitrogen.
P 3.18 Evelyn Preuß, Marife Corre, Edzo Veldkamp
Soil carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from lowland forests converted to oil palm and rubber plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia
P 3.19 Mauro Schumacher, Vicente Lopes, Peter Trueby
Atmospheric Input and Nutrient Turnover in a Pinus taeda L. Plantation in Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil)
P 3.20 Peter Trüby, Francine Calil, Mauro Schumacher
Nutrient Input, Turnover, and Extraction in an Agroforestry System in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
P 3.21 Marie-Pierre Turpault, Emeline Lequy, Anna Avila, Malika Boudiaf, Sébastien Conil
Dust deposits along the North Sahara-Europe axis: consequence on forest ecosystem fertilization
P 3.22 Anni Vanhatalo, Tommy Chan, Juho Aalto, Janne F. Korhonen, Kaisa Rissanen, Katerina Machácová, Pasi Kolari, Teemu Hölttä, Eero Nikinmaa, Jaana Bäck
Dynamic measurements of Scots pine stem processes
P 3.23 Elena Veretennikova, Egor Dyukarev
Methane emission from natural peat bogs of West Siberia and its spatial and temporal variability
P 3.24 Christiane Werner, Arndt Piayda, Maren Dubbert, Filipe Costa e Silva, Alexandra Correia, Joao Perreira, Matthias Cuntz
Extreme drought event impacts carbon and water cycling in a Mediterranean woodland
P 3.25 Chia-Hsin Wu, Hou-Sen Chu, Yue-Joe Hsia, Shih-Chieh Chang
Carbon budget of a subtropical montane cloud forest: field measurements and model simulation
P 3.26 Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, Sonja Leitner, Michael Zimmermann
Impact of droughts and heavy rain on greenhouse gas emissions and soil microbial activities in a beech forest
P 3.27 Michael Zimmermann, Sonja Leitner, Lukas Kranzinger, Orracha Sae-Tun, Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern
Impact of litter removal on greenhouse gas fluxes, soil nutrients and microbial communities

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