12 Restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems


Jörg Luster (CH),
Cecilia Akselsson (SE)

Donnerstag, 10:00-16:30, H19

This session deals with restoration or recovery of ecosystems and ecosystem functions. Examples are the restoration of wetlands and riparian zones, the recovery of forests following the reduction of atmospheric deposition, or management practices directed to mitigate the effects of acidification, nitrogen saturation or pollution with inorganic or organic contaminants. Of particular interest is the evaluation of indicators that allow to assess the degree to which ecosystem functions have recovered or been restored. In order to achieve a broad exchange of experiences and ideas, we welcome reports on observational, experimental or modeling studies in any ecosystem within the focus of the conference.



Session key note speaker:

Thomas Hein (AT) Restoration of key ecosystem functions: examples from a river floodplain stretch along the Danube River

10:00Invited Talk 12: Thomas Hein et al.: Restoration of key ecosystem functions in river floodplain stretches along the Danube River
10:40Coffee Break
11:00O 12.1: Gerald Jurasinski et al.: Five years of transition – atmospheric C-exchange dynamics of a coastal fen after rewetting
11:20O 12.2: Leon PM Lamers: Restoration of minerotrophic peatlands in Europe and North America: from trial and error to an evidence-based, biogeochemical approach
11:40O 12.3: Cecilia Akselsson et al.: Recovery from acidification in a strong deposition gradient in Sweden – the impact of nitrogen, sea salt episodes and sulphur adsorption
12:00O 12.4: Jan Frouz: Recovery of soil and soil biota on post mining sites along climatic gradient across continental USA
12:20O 12.5: Isabel Párraga-Aguado et al.: The importance of pioneer plant species succession and edaphic niches for the phytomanagement of mining impacted ecosystems
12:40Lunch (Mensa)
14:15Key Note 6: Christine Goodale (H15, NWI)Nitrogen deposition, nitrogen retention, and forest carbon storage
15:00Coffee Break
15:30O 12.6: Beate Michalzik et al.: Formation of “fertile islands” and elements stocks over 45 years of Renosterveld restoration in the Voëlvlei area, Western Cape, South Africa
15:50O 12.7: klaus von wilpert et al.: Soil regenerative liming and its environmental effects
16:10O 12.8: Johan Iwald et al.: Biological acidification trends in Swedish forest soils
16:30Closing Ceremony (H15, NWI)

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P 12.1 Jörg Luster, Juna Shrestha, Benjamin Huber, Pascal A. Niklaus, Emmanuel Frossard, Klement Tockner
River restoration and ecosystem services: nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions
P 12.2 Marina Sizemskaya, Mamay Sapanov
Agroforestry Approaches To The Reclamation Of Disturbed Lands In Arid Regions
P 12.3 Bartłomiej Woś, Marcin Pietrzykowski
Dissolved elements leaching from reclaim mine soils substrates with Scots pine and Common birch litter under controlled conditions
P 12.4 Héctor Miguel Conesa Alcaraz, Jose Ignacio Querejeta Mercader, Antonio López Orenes, María Nazaret González Alcaraz, María Ángeles Ferrer Ayala, Antonio A. Calderón García, Isabel Párraga Aguado
The role of plant assemblage in the phytomanagement of mining impacted ecosystems
P 12.5 Hana Šimáčková, Jan Frouz, Ondřej Mudrák
Seasonal changes in standing dead biomass and nitrogen content of Calamagrostis epigeios
P 12.6 Sophie Barrett, Shaun Watmough
Characterizing the impact of a historical industrial deposition gradient on peat and peatland vegetation near Sudbury, Ontario
P 12.7 Lilit Ovsepyan, Irina Kurganova, Valentin Lopes de Gerenyu
Changes in Microbial Activity of Soils During the Natural Restoration of Abandoned Lands in Russia
P 12.8 Bumsuk Seo, Christina Bogner
Monitoring land use/land cover changes during watershed restoration by ground census and remote sensing
P 12.9 Renato Miazaki de Toledo, Rozely Ferreira dos Santos
Approaching the relationship between reforestation projects range of results and context diversity in Sao Paulo State, Brazil
Effect of fire intensity on K, Mg, Ca, pH and EC soil in Zagros forest, Iran
P 12.11 Beata Rutkowska, Wiesław Szulc, Małgorzata Majder-Łopatka
Effect of fire on selected properties of forest soils
P 12.12 Maija Lampela, Jyrki Jauhiainen, Harri Vasander
Reforestation with local tree species - seedling growth success on degraded tropical peat
P 12.13 Johannes Fritz, Marina Leibfried, Anke Kühne, Helmer Schack-Kirchner, Friederike Lang
Functional aspects of the roostsystem from Juncus effusus L. for the regeneration of compacted soils in forests
P 12.14 Gürcan Güleryüz, Hülya Arslan, Serap Kırmızı
Restoration Ecology Applications on Ski Runs at Subalpine Belt of Uludağ Mountain, Turkey
P 12.15 Adriaan Reinecke, Sophia Reinecke, Mia Van Wyk
Using bioassays to assess a soil ecosystem’s ability to recover from petroleum sludge land farming practices

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