Excursions (Wednesday, July 16)

Field trips will be on Wednesday of the conference week and will include visits to research sites and other points of interest. The optional excursions are not included in the conference registration costs.

Field trips will be either full day bus excursions (Trips 1-8) or half day walking tours in Bayreuth (Trips 9 and 10a / 10b).

Bus excursions will depart at 9 a.m.

Costs include transportation, entrance fees and lunch boxes (only Trips 1-6). For full day excursions dinner will be on your own as a group on the way back to Bayreuth.

Trip 1 Fichtelgebirge: Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Research in the Lehstenbach Watershed and Visit of the Granite Block Labyrinth at Wunsiedel
Trip 2

The Northwest Bohemian spa town area - geological, ecological, and historico-cultural insights into a fascinating region in the Central part of Europe

Trip 3
Steigerwald Nature Park: Management and conservation in a beech dominated deciduous forest
Trip 4
Forest ecosystem monitoring at Altdorf, guided tour of Nuremberg
Trip 5
The Jena Experiment and BIOTREE: two large-scale experiments for functional biodiversity research
Trip 6
Rehabilitation of an old industrial region (Central East Germany)
Trip 7

Fränkische Alb I: Environmental impacts and visitor management of outdoor sports - including a kayak tour on river Wiesent

Trip 8
Fränkische Alb II: Northern Jurassic Plateau in Franconia. Geology, geomorphology, Karst hydrology, vegetation, and beer diversity


Half day trips:

Trip 9
Discover the World of Plants - Ecological-Botanical Garden and EVENT Experiment
Trip 10a Bayreuth´s Heights: From the Baroque Golden Age to Richard Wagner
Trip 10b Bayreuth´s Depths: A stroll through the Middle Ages, Breweries and Caverns

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