Trip 10b (afternoon tour)

Bayreuth´s Depths: A stroll through the Middle Ages, Breweries and Caverns

Start: 14:00 at the Tourist Information, Opernstraße 22

The date and the history of the foundation of the town of Bayreuth are unknown - the most ancient preserved document mentioning Bayreuth is dated 1194. The city was founded by the Counts of Andechs, and the city centre still has the typical structure of a Bavarian street market. Leading into the depths of time the tour starts at the Old Palace with its Palace Church and Tower. The octagonal tower, built in 1565 on older foundations, was based on a design by Leonardo da Vinci with its spiral staircase and ramp running alongside for horses and carts. The room right at the top affords stunning allround views over the rooftops of the old city and beyond.

Still today the city is renowned for having the highest concentration of breweries, bakers and butchers. Walking outside the old city walls we get to the Maisel Brewery and Cooperage Museum: In a historic, brick building that previously housed the brewery itself, the museum is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as being the most diverse beer museum in the world. From here it’s on to the AKTIEN catacombs: Steep steps lead down from the AKTIEN brewery into the dark depths of the labyrinthine underground caverns cut back into the rock face. It is here that in times gone by beer barrels were stored to mature. The museum holds a cornucopia of exhibits relating to brewing, handicrafts and city history as well as a wealth of unusual and bizarre objects. The tour ends with a glass of fresh AKTIEN “Zwick’l” in the cosy brewery tavern.



  • Leaders: Birgit Thies (organization), Tour guides from the Bayreuth Tourist Information and the Breweries
  • Participants: 25-30
  • Requirements: The walking distance from the city center to the Breweries is about 1,5 km. Sturdy shoes are recommended for the caverns.
  • Start: 2 p.m.
  • End: About 6 p.m.
  • Costs: 20 Euro
Trip 10b: Old Palace and Palace Tower
    Trip 10b: View from the Palace Tower
Trip 10b: Maisel Museum
10b: AKTIEN Catakombs
Photo caption: Old Palace (www.fotos-reiseberichte.de) /
historic view from Palace Tower (www.deutsche-schutzgebiete.de) /
Maisel Brewery and Cooperage Museum /
AKTIEN brewery

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