Getting to the roots of soil carbon cycling

Susan Trumbore1
1 Biogeochemical Processes, MPI for Biogeochemistry

Key Note 2 in Plenary Keynotes

14.07.2014, 14:00-14:45

Recent work with isotope tracers has highlighted the importance of the rhizosphere as  a source of soil organic matter.  It has also created some mysteries about the age of rhizosphere carbon.  For example, higher amounts of bomb 14C found in forest A horizons mostly result from the older C found in woody tree roots.  These vegetation derived-time lags carry over into low density fractions of organic matter and soil respiration.  Simultaneously balancing below ground C and 14C budgets in forests requires that we reexamine assumptions about fine roots and rhizosphere dynamics as well as the age and use of storage reserves in root growth and respiration. 

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