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BFÖ 26: Ostendorf, B; Boyns, M: Spatial information system (SIS). Documentation for a C++ toolkit for linking environmental models and GIS (6 Euro)

Ostendorf, B; Boyns, M (1995)

Many contemporary ecological problems require the use of spatial data. As ecological modelers continue to address more sophisticated and complicated landscape problems, there is a need for a GIS technology that can be readily interfaced to ecological models. Models can be developed from within a GIS framework, or be external and fed with data from GIS. The SIS deals with the second possibility - the coupling of external models to GIS systems. The SIS is a C++ toolkit designed specifically for ecological model development with access to geographic information supplied by GIS software. It addresses modelers who do not want sacrifice the efficiency and flexibility of a modern programming language. The SIS consists of computationally efficient C++ routines that allow mathematical operations on entire layers, easy access to single pixels, and provide effective means for information extraction when applying models to spatial data. Several data formats can be read and written to enable an efficient exchange of information between different GIS or graphing software (ERDAS, ARC-INFO, MAP, IDRISI and the graphic formats GIF and HDF). The routines provide the means for categorization and overlay in order to effectively apply models to spatial data.
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