Potential and limitations of biomarker and deuterium analyses in loess research

Yongsong Huang1
1 Geological Sciences, Brown University

Key Note 2.6 in Löss und terrestrische Archive (Fortsetzung)

18.09.2012, 14:00-14:30, H8

Hydrogen isotopic ratios of higher plant leaf waxes in continental and ocean sediments have been widely used for paleoclimate reconstructions. Most of applications have been in low latitude regions, where plant leaf waxes record past precipitation changes. Increasingly, they are also applied in Arctic regions, where temperature appears to be the primary controls. Leaf wax D/H ratios are often controlled by multiple factors in mid latitude regions, and data interpretation is sometimes less straight forward and requires multiproxy comparisons. Where leaf wax D/H ratios have been applied successful, one prominent issue is that paleoclimate interpretations have been generally qualitative. Key obstacles to quantitative interpretations include variability of isotopic fractionation in different plants, influence of climatic and environmental factors on fractionation which are still poorly understood. I will present results from latest studies on these issues and discuss future directions.

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