Late Glacial Archaeology in Bavaria

Leif Steguweit1
1 Ur- und Frühgeschichte, Universität Erlangen

V 4.8 in Steinzeitlicher Mensch und Umweltwandel - zur Archäologie von Umweltrisiken

18.09.2012, 11:30-11:50, H8

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Late Glacial subsistence was significantly influenced by human adaptation on rapid climatic changes. The enhanced chronological framework is of high interest for archaeological determinations of sites before, during and after the Interstadials 1e and 1c. The Magdalenian occupation in the Danube region is discussed as well as new investigations in the “Tunnel Cave” next to the confluence of Naab and Danube. Northern Bavaria displays only settlement patterns of the „Rückenmesser-Gruppen” which is used for mostly undated sites ranging from the Azilian to the Early Postglacial period. Some new aspects can provide for a better understanding of the chronological correlation.

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