The loess sequence at the multilayered Gravettian site Grub/Kranawetberg near Stillfried, Lower Austria

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1 Prähistorische Abteilung, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

V 4.6 in Steinzeitlicher Mensch und Umweltwandel - zur Archäologie von Umweltrisiken

18.09.2012, 10:50-11:10, H8


From 1993 to 2011 excavations at the Gravettian 25 ka BP site Grub/Kranawetberg in the March valley near Stillfried in the northeast of Lower Austria exposed four archaeological layers with more than 1000 stone tools, between 4000 and 5000 blades and bladelets, thousands of flakes, a series of tools from bone, antler and ivory, 245 beads and pendants of ivory and 130 adornments of mollusc shells. The position of these layers is approximately 180 to 235cm below surface. According to drillings executed in 1996 there is at least a sequence of 7m of loess at this place.

The lowest archaeological layer (AH4) contains two hearths which both are surrounded by a series of small pits. The following layer (AH3) is separated from AH4 by about 8 to 10 cm of loess. The centre of this occupation is situated almost above hearth II, only 2m to the NW of it. In AH3 there are no structures comparable to those of AH4. Above AH3 there are two more archaeological layers (AH2 and AH1) with only some scattered finds. Above AH1 the sediment structure changes considerably.

Chronologically both layer 4 and 3 are very close together (Antl-Weiser, Fladerer, Nigst, Verpoorte 2010) but there are big differences concerning structure and content. According to the present state of research the inventory of the two layers seems to reflect the presence of groups using different territories possibly under changing environmental conditions.  

In 2010 and 2011 a series of samples for IRSL and OSL had been taken from two deep cuts (from 150 to 370 below surface) in the east of the excavated area and from the area above AH3. In this way the place gives an insight not only into an important part of the cultural development before the late glacial maximum but also into climatic changes during a longer time span of the late glacial period in this part of Austria.




Antl-Weiser, W.;  Fladerer, F. A.;  Nigst, Ph. R.;   Verpoorte A. (2010): Grub/Kranawetberg (Lower Austria) – Insights into a Gravettian micro-region in Eastern Austria. In: Neugebauer-Maresch Ch.; Linda Owen (eds.): New aspects of the Central and Eastern European Upper palaeolithic – methods, chronology, technology and subsistence. MPK 72, 2010.

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