Technical details

Oral presentation

The conference presentations will be published in a special volume of "E&G Quaternary Science Journal", Volume 62/2 (December 2013, with a much  earlier availability online). Deadline for the submission of manuscripts is end of November 2012.

The time available for oral presentations is up to 30 minutes (20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion), pending the number of submissions. Chairmen are asked to stick strictly to the time schedule.

Each auditorium is equipped with a PC and video projection via Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 or Adobe Acrobat Reader 9. Files for oral presentations should be uploaded the day before, but not later than the preceeding break. Overhead- or Slide-Projection is available on request.

Presenters are all asked to present all slides in English language.



Format for posters is up to DIN A0 - portrait ormat. Posters can be mounted starting Sunday 16:00 h and displayed until the official end of the conference on Wednesday. The number of the poster will be displayed in the upper left corner and material for mounting will be available.

Poster presentation

Short poster presentations in the audirorium are scheduled, with  a single slide in one minute for each poster. Please find an example here. Please do not display the poster as such in the slide! The aim of the poster presentation is to provide a quick overview and rasie the interests of conference participants. Only the topic and key points of the poster should be presentedt, while details are restricted to the posters!

Submission of file for the poster presentation is analogue to oral presentations. The only accepted format is "pdf". Please display the presentation number on the slide.

Poster sessions

Immedeately following the poster presentation the according poster session will take place. Authors are asked to be present next to their poster during posters session. No additional presentation next to the poster is planned. We're expecting a spontaneous and lifely discussion during the poster session.

Testing of presentation

The laptops used for presentations will be available during breaks for verification and campatibility testing of presentations.

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