1 Progress in Quaternary Stratigraphy

Chair: Spötl, Christoph ; Hambach, Ulrich ;

Monday, 09:10-15:30,

Stratigraphy is a fundamental principle in the study of Quaternary sediments.Tremendous efforts have been made both on the continent and in the ocean to read this natural „bar code“ and to use it e.g. to understand past changes in Earth´s climate or to effectively manage natural ressources.

We welcome contributions on Quaternary stratigraphy for this symposium covering all aspects of modern stratigraphic research, including litho-, chrono- and biostratigraphy. Contributions may concern local or regional scales. We particularly welcome attempts to integrate between individual archives, such as the deep-sea and the terrestrial realm.


The session is planned in English language.

09:10Key Note 1.1: Philip Gibbard: Problems in the Quaternary stratigraphy of Northern Europe
09:40Invited Talk 1.2: Slobodan Markovic et al.: The Danube loess stratigraphy – new steps towards a European-wide loess stratigraphic model
10:00Coffee Break
10:30V 1.3: Patrick Schielein: Stratigraphie und Altersstellung der jungquartären Flussterrassen im Lechtal unterhalb von Augsburg und im angrenzenden Donautal
10:50V 1.4: Maria Knipping et al.: Pollenanalytische Untersuchungen an mittelpleistozänen Seesedimenten im Graben E Höhenmoos (Gmd. Rohrdorf, Oberbayern)
11:10V 1.5: Julia Roskosch et al.: Establishment of a high-resolution chronostratigraphic framework for a Late Pleniglacial to Late Glacial alluvial-aeolian complex: the upper Senne (NW Germany)
11:30V 1.6: Christian Zeeden et al.: Certainties and uncertainties of orbitally tuned timescales
11:50Poster Presentations Session 1
12:00Poster Presentations Session 2
12:20Lunch Break
14:00Key Note 1.7: Christopher Lüthgens: Chances and challenges of reconstructing dynamic palaeo ice sheets
14:30V 1.8: Manfred Frechen et al.: Forschungsbohrung Garding 2011 – das Quartär in Norddeutschland
14:50V 1.9: Ernst Kroemer: Pencks Heirs - Pleistocene Stratigraphy in Southern Bavaria
15:10V 1.10: Dietrich Ellwanger et al.: Quaternary Stratigraphy between Danube and Rhine
15:30Coffee Break

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P 1.1 Dietrich Ellwanger, Ulrike Wielandt-Schuster, Manfred Frechen, Christian Hoselmann, Michael Weidenfeller
Quaternary Correlation along the Rhine
P 1.2 Tivadar Gaudenyi, Mladjen Jovanovic
Revision of the stratigraphy of the Sombor artesian well borehole
P 1.3 Tivadar Gaudenyi, Mladjen Jovanovic
Revision of the stratigraphy of the Zrenjanin arteisan well borehole
P 1.4 Tivadar Gaudenyi, Mladjen Jovanovic
Revision of the stratigraphy of the Subotica artesian well borehole
P 1.5 Ulrich Hambach, Mladjen Jovanović, Slobodan Marković, Tivadar Gaudenyi
Asia in Europe? - A direct stratigraphic comparison between the Chinese Loess Plateau and the Middle Danube Basin Loess
P 1.6 Ernst Kroemer
Pencks Heirs - Pleistocene Stratigraphy in Southern Bavaria
P 1.7 Julia Roskosch, Jutta Winsemann, Axel Weitkamp, Lukas Pollok, Ulrich Pollom, Christian Brandes, Sumiko Tsukamoto, Utz Böhner, Henning Haßmann, Manfred Frechen
OSL dating of the Middle Pleistocene Leine valley fill (N Germany): timing Palaeolithic findings
P 1.8 Stephanie Scheidt, Christian Rolf, Ulrich Hambach
Magnetostratigraphy of Pliocene and Pleistocene sediments of the Heidelberg Basin
P 1.9 Stefan Wansa, Jaqueline Strahl, Ivo Rappsilber
Korrelation von Schichtenfolgen aus den Eembecken Neumark-Nord 1 und 2 (Geiseltal)

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