Franz X. Bogner: Curriculum Vitae

Study at the University of Münster and Regensburg (subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Pedagogy)

1978 1st Master Degree: I.State Examination (master examination thesis)

1980 2nd Master Degree: II.State Examination (master examination thesis)

1980-96 assistant/senior assistant master (Biology, Chemistry, Photography)

1983-87 PhD-research at the University of Regensburg. Degree: Dr.rer.nat.

1989-91 Postdoctoral fellowship at the Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

1993-96 Habilitation at the University of Munich. Degree: Dr.rer.nat.habil.

1997-2004 Full Professor (C4) at the University of Education Ludwigsburg (Biology Education)

Since 2004 Full Professor (C4, Ordinarius) at the University of Bayreuth (Chair of Biology Education)

Head of "Zentrum zur Förderung des Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts (Z-MNU)"
(Department of the Promotion of Education in Mathematics and Sciences)
Instructor of the School Laboratory for Genetic Engineering
Representative of the university senate with responsibility for the teacher training
Chief examiner of modular programmes of study for STEM fields (MINT-Modellstudiengang (GY))


Externe Funktionen:

Committee chairman M!ND-Center (University of Würzburg) 

Head of  AK-Umweltbildung der GfÖ (Society for Ecology)

Committee VBIO (Group of German Biologists)

Advisory Board for Environmental Protection of the Bavarian State Government (StMUV München)

Head of Foundation (Naturschutz SCHW-LABER) 

External Examiner (University of Aegean, Greece)

External Examiner (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

NARST Outstanding Paper Award Committee

NARST Editorial Board: Journal of Research in Science Teaching 

Associate Editor (ASL: Advanced Science Letter)

Reviewer: IJSE, EERI, JEB, E+B, SEI, JEP, etc.


Visiting Abode:

1999-2000 Cambridge University, Homerton College, Cambridge (UK)
2006 Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel (IL)
2010/2014 University of Arizona, Tucson/Arizona (USA)



Exchange (since 2001):
CP University of Cyprus (Nicosia)
FIN University of Helsinki
FR University of Clermont-Ferrand
GR University of Ioannina
HU University of Baja
NL University of Eindhoven
PT University of Braga
UK University of Warwick
US University of Charlotte (UNCC)
US University of Pembroke (UNCP)