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Publications of the year 2017

Research papers (peer-reviewed)

Bissinger, K; Bogner, FX: Environmental literacy in practice: education on tropical rainforests and climate change, Environ Dev Sustain(published online) (2017), doi:10.1007/s10668-017-9978-9
Dieser, O; Bogner, FX: How individual environmental values influence knowledge acquisition of adulescents within a week-long outreach biodiversity module, Journal of Global Research in Education and Social Science, 9(4), 213-224 (2017)
Langheinrich, J; Bogner, FX: Beeinflusst E-Learning-gestützter Unterricht am außerschulischen Lernort kognitives Lernen? in Jenny Meßinger-Koppelt, Sascha Schanze, Jorge Groß: Lernprozesse mit digitalen Werkzeugen unterstützen, Perspektiven aus der Didaktik naturwissenschaftlicher Fächer, 192-203 (2017)
Marth, M; Bogner, FX: How a Hands-on BIONICS Lesson May Intervene with Science Motivation and Technology Interest, International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, 16(5), 72-89 (2017) [Link]
Marth, M; Bogner, FX: Does the issue of bionics within a student-centered module generate longterm knowledge, Studies in Educational Evaluation(55), 117-124 (2017)
Marth, M; Bogner, FX: BIONICS- an out-of-school day in the zoo, The American Biology Teacher(in press) (2017)
Sattler, S; Bogner, FX: Short- and long-term outreach at the zoo: cognitive learning about marine ecological and conservational issues, Environmental Education Research, 23(2), 252-268 (2017), doi:10.1080/13504622.2016.1144173
Schmid, S; Bogner, FX: How an inquiry-based classroom lesson intervenes in science efficacy, career-orientation and self-determination., International Journal of Science Education, 39(17), 2342-2360 (2017) [Link]
Schmid, S; Bogner, FX: Predicting long-term recall abilities of content knowledge by using students’ effort scores in a structured inquiry-unit, Education Research International(in press) (2017)
Schönfelder, M; Bogner, FX: Two ways of acquiring environmental knowledge: by encountering living animals at a beehive and by observing bees via digital tools, International Journal of Science Education, 39(6), 723-741 (2017), doi:10.1080/09500693.2017.1304670
Schönfelder, M; Bogner, FX: How to sustainably increase students’ willingness to protect pollinators, Environmental Education Research(online published) (2017), doi:10.1080/13504622.2017.1283486
Schönfelder, M; Bogner, FX: Individual perception of bees: Between perceived danger and willingness to protect, PLoS ONE (2017) [Link]
Sotiriou, S; Bybee, RW; Bogner, FX: PATHWAYS – A Case of Large-Scale Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice in Scientific Inquiry-Based Science Education., International Journal of Higher Education, 6(2), 8-17 (2017)
Sotiriou, S; Gras-Velázque, A; Bogner, FX: The PATHWAY to Inquiry-Based Teaching – European Perspective to Shift Science Classroom Realities in (eds) Martin Riopel Zacharoula Smyrnaiou: New Developments in Science and Technology Education., Springer, 181-191 (2017)


Marth, M: Bionik-Unterricht zwischen natürlichem Vorbild und technischer Anwendung - Eine Studie zu Technikbegeisterung, naturwissenschaftlicher Motivation und langfristigem Wissenserwerb, (2017)

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