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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department of Biology Education - Prof. Dr. Franz X. Bogner

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List of publications

On this page only publications from 2004 are displayed. For publications before 2004 please visit the staff pages.

Publications of the year 2019

Research papers (peer-reviewed)
Conradty, C; Bogner, FX: From STEM to STEAM: Cracking the Code? How creativity & motivation interacts with inquiry-based learning., Creativity Research Journal, (31) 3(284-295) (2019), doi:10.1080/10400419.2019.1641678
Conradty, C; Bogner, FX: Conceptual Change when Growing Up: Frameset for Role Models?, International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 24(3) (2019), doi:10.1080/02673843.2019.1622581
Manoli, CC; Johnson, B; Buxner, S; Bogner, FX: Measuring Environmental Perceptions Grounded on Different Theoretical Models: The 2-Major Environmental Values (2-MEV) Model in Comparison with the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP) Scale, Sustainability, 11(5), 1286 (2019) [Link] -- Details
Maurer, M; Bogner, FX: How Freshmen perceive Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), PlosOne (2019) [Link] -- Details
Mierdel, J; Bogner, FX: Is creativity, hands-on modeling and cognitive learning gender-dependent?, Thinking Skills and Creativity, 31, 91-102 (2019) [Link]
Mierdel, J; Bogner, FX: Investigations of modellers and model viewers in an out-of-school gene-technology laboratory, Research in Science Education(online published) (2019) [Link]
Mierdel, J; Bogner, FX: Comparing the Use of Two Different Model Approaches on Students’ Understanding of DNA Models, Education Sciences, 9(115) (2019), doi:10.3390/educsci9020115
Scharfenberg, F-J; Bogner, FX: A role-play-based tutor training in pre-service teacher education for developing procedural pedagogical content knowledge by optimizing tutor-student interactions in the context of an outreach lab., Journal of Science Teacher Education, 30(5), 461-482 (2019), doi:10.1080/1046560X.2019.1583034 -- Details
Scharfenberg, F-J; Bogner, FX: Module-phase-dependent development of pedagogical content knowledge: Replicating a role-change approach in pre-service teacher education in an outreach lab., Research in Science Education(online first) (2019), doi:10.1007/s11165-019-09887-9 [Link] -- Details
Schmid, S; Bogner, FX: Hearing: An Inquiry Based Learning Module Linking Biology and Physics, The American Biology Teacher, 81(7), 485-489 (2019), doi:10.1525/abt.2019.81.7.485
Schmid, S; Bogner, FX: Predicting long-term recall abilities of content knowledge by using students’ effort scores in a structured inquiry-unit, Education Research International(in press) (2019)
Schneiderhan, J; Bogner, FX: Between Environmental Utilization and Protection: Adolescent Conceptions of Biodiversity, Sustainability(11), 4517 (2019) [Link]
Thuneberg, H; Salmi, H; Bogner, FX: How creativity, autonomy and visual reasoning contributes to cognitive learning in a STEAM hands-on inquiry-based Math module, Thinking Skills and Creativity(in press) (2019)
Torkar, G; Bogner, FX: Environmental Values and Environmental Concern., Environmental Education Research(published online) (2019), doi:10.1080/13504622.2019.1649367
Mierdel, J: Kreatives Modellieren im Lernort Labor Eine vergleichende Studie zu Wissenserwerb, Modellverständnis und dem Einfluss individueller Kreativität, (2019)

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