Heterogeneous processes

DFG ZE 792/4-1

From 06/2007 to 05/2010

Principal Investigator: Cornelius Zetzsch
Staff: Matthias Sörgel, Natalja Balzer

The chemical project studies heterogeneous processes, catalysed by soluble and insoluble constituents, and leading to uptake of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) for incorporation into atmospheric chemistry modules.

Homepage: http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/atchem/de/forschung/proj/detail.php?id_obj=56093

Weather research site Waldstein
Globalstrahlung: 357 W/m²
Lufttemperatur: 14.4 °C
Niederschlag: 1.0 mm/24h
Sonnenschein: <1 h/d
Wind (Höhe 32m): 0.0 km/h

last modified 2010-02-05