Johannes LüersDr. habil.

Johannes Lüers

Akademischer Rat a.Z.

At Verbundprojekt EGER until 10/2011
e-Mail: johannes.lueers(at)bund-naturschutz.de

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  • MiSKOR "Minderung Städtischer Klima- und OzonRisiken"

    "Mitigation of urban climate and ozone risks"
    Part of the joint project "Climate change and health (Klimawandel und Gesundheit) commissioned by the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (Bayerischen Landesamts für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit). The goal is to attain a better understanding of the relevant causes and processes to acquire applicable aids and new possibilities for improving urban planning. We intend to give suggestions how to reduce the negative consequences to human health caused by climate change in combination with the urban heat island effect and high troposheric ozone pollution in a middle-sized city like Bayreuth and comparable cities in Northern Bavaria.

  • Climatology and climate change - Region Oberfranken
    • homogenization of the Bayreuth long-term climate record (since 1851)
    • change of concentration of air pollutants (SO2, O3, NOx)
    • climatological analysis, climate and weather statistics, trends (Northern Bavaria)
    • scientific supervision of the meteorological observation sites
  • Energy and matter exchange
  • Post-Processing of atmospheric fluxes and meteorological basic data
    • Multi-Step Error Filter (outlier detection, Quality Control)
    • Methods and concepts to fill data gaps (Gap-Filling)

ARCTEX Experiments 2006 and 2009 at Spitsbergen http://www.arctex.uni-bayreuth.de/

Mitteilungen der Universität Bayreuth - Blick in die Forschung (05-2010):
Wie kalt ist der Erdboden in der Arktis? Bayreuther Forscher optimieren Mess- und Berechnungsverfahren

Post-Processing of atmospheric flux and meteorological basic data
Multi-Step-Error-Filter, Gap-Filling: Link (pdf)


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