Comparison of methods for estimation of recharge, specific yield and parameters of water balance in irrigated agriculture areas: A case study in Punjab, Pakistan

Mohammad Usman1, Rudolf Liedl1
1 Institut für Grundwasserwirtschaft, Technische Universität Dresden

O 10.6 in Hydrogeologie arider Gebiete

30.05.2014, 19:00-19:20, H17, NW II

Recharge estimation is believed to be the most difficult but also a very important component in the water balance equation and hence cannot be ignored in hydrological modeling of any humid or semi arid region. In the current study a water balance approach is developed considering all important water inputs and outputs and results are utilized jointly with the water table fluctuation (WTF) approach to estimate the specific yield. A distinct change in key parameters of the water balance equation during winter and summer seasons in a heavily crop cultivated area of Punjab, Pakistan, makes it possible to determine specific yield in winter. Later, this specific yield is compared with interpolated specific yield from well logs (point measurements) and then for estimation of recharge for the summer season. The advantage of this method is to determine specific yield and then recharge at the scale of interest without requirements of a number of in situ measurements. This allows to circumvent the main problem in the WTF approach where well distributed water level measurements along with specific yield throughout the unconfined aquifer are a prerequisite.

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