13 Czech-German exchange on environmental-, soil- and hydro(geo)logical issues

Chair: Johannes Barth; Wagner, Bernhard; Krám, Pavel

Freitag, 11:00-15:00, H18, NW II

Hydrogeological-, soil- and environmental issues often have trans-boundary nature. This is either because aquifers, soil- and environmental systems extend across boundaries or because experts in different countries may compare common and complementary techniques. This session is open for colleagues from the Czech Republic, Germany and other countries to present environmental case studies that may have a focus in border regions such as Bohemia, Bavaria, Thuringia or Saxony. The session may also offer links to trans-disciplinary and international collaboration and will serve as a platform to explore common approaches for trans-boundary funding.


Homepages of session leaders:

P. Krám, B. Wagner, J. Barth

11:00O 13.1: Anna Katharina Böhm et al.: Ziel 3/ Cíl 3 – Project ‘GRACE’ – a project aiming to clarify the phenomenon of declining groundwater levels in two Czech-Saxon boarder regions
11:20O 13.2: Diana Burghardt et al.: d18O and d2H Isotope Ratio Analysis as a Contribution to the Clarification of Groundwater Dynamic in the Czech-German Borderland
11:40O 13.3: Pavel Čermák: The soil monitoring along the Czech and Bavaria border
12:00O 13.4: Ralf Klingbeil et al.: Recent Developments and Activities Related to Groundwater at National Level and Shared Aquifers Between Countries in Middle East and North Africa
12:20O 13.5: Klaus Duscher et al.: The„International Hydrogeological Map of Europe 1 : 1,500,000“ - Print map and digital dataset provide a continent-wide overview of groundwater conditions
12:40O 13.6: Edzard Hangen et al.: Mobility of SO4, Pb, and Zn in acidic forest soils of the Czech-Bavarian border region
14:00O 13.7: Pavel Kram et al.: Water chemistry in three Czech monolithologic and geochemically contrasting catchments
14:20O 13.8: Jiri Mikes et al.: Removal of HCH from contaminated subsurface by the technology based on iron reducing bacteria
14:40O 13.9: Matthias Zeitlhöfler et al.: Bedrock structure and ground water migration in the eastern Bavarian crystalline basement

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P 13.1 Jan Haberle, Thorsten Scheel, Eva Kunzová
Calculation of Critical Loads of Acidity at Bavarian-Czech Border Area
P 13.2 Nadine Hoffmann, Sarah Jung-Bilk, Alfons Baier, Johannes A.C. Barth
New insights from a detailed hydrogeological survey in the upper Main Valley near Bamberg (Germany)
P 13.3 Tomas Vogel
Modeling preferential transport of stable isotopes and heat in a shallow hillslope soil

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