10 Hydrogeologie arider Gebiete

Chair: Rausch, Randolf; Schüth, Christoph

Freitag, 17:20-19:40, H17, NW II

Hydrogeology and water management in arid regions have some particularities that result from the specific climatic conditions in these areas. In general, the evaporation by far exceeds the precipitation limiting groundwater recharge. The smart management of the water resources is therefore of overriding importance. This requires a sound understanding of the local and regional hydrogeological conditions, available resources and water budgets, ideally leading to an integrative resources management approach. Contributions to the session are related to all aspects of arid hydrogeology e.g. quantification of water cycles, characterization of aquifers, resources management etc.


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R. Rausch, C. Schüth



17:20O 10.1: Tilman Mieseler et al.: Zur Hydrogeologie der Rub‘ Al Khali Wüste in Saudi Arabien
17:40O 10.2: Johannes Riegger et al.: Characterization of water storage dynamics in arid areas by satellite gravimetry
18:00O 10.3: Edda Kalbus et al.: Can smart irrigation technologies reverse saltwater intrusion in an arid area coastal aquifer?
18:20O 10.4: Angela Prein: Changes in environment as land-use and population growth cause significant change in recharge in the City of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia
18:40O 10.5: Stephan Schulz et al.: Estimation of Evaporation in Sabkhas on the Arabian Peninsula
19:00O 10.6: Mohammad Usman et al.: Comparison of methods for estimation of recharge, specific yield and parameters of water balance in irrigated agriculture areas: A case study in Punjab, Pakistan
19:20O 10.7: Alexander Gerner: A novel strategy for estimating groundwater recharge in arid mountain regions and its application to parts of the Jebel Akhdar Mountains (Sultanate of Oman)
19:40Abschluss der Tagung

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P 10.2 Aychluhim Debebe Damtew, Stefan Wohnlich
Conceptualization of the Process of Aquifer Recharge: A Combined Interpretation of Physico-Chemical, Isotopic, and Basic Basin Attributes
P 10.5 Fritz Kalwa, Sebastian Bauer, Randolf Rausch
Infiltration and Artificial Recharge at the Al-Alb Dam, Riyadh
P 10.6 Nils Michelsen, Michael Schubert, Alexander Bassis, Christoph Schüth, Randolf Rausch, Mohammed Al-Saud
Natural Groundwater Radioactivity of Selected Saudi Arabian Aquifers
P 10.9 Randolf Rausch, Heiko Dirks, Tilman Mieseler, Tobias Fuest, Hussain Al Ajmi
Zur Hydrogeologie des „Oberen Mega-Aquifer-Systems“ auf der Arabischen Halbinsel
P 10.10 Randolf Rausch, Sascha Frank, Christoph Buermann, Heiko Dirks, Tilman Mieseler
Zur Hydrogeologie des Minjur-Aquifers in Saudi Arabien
P 10.11 Stephan Schulz, Randolf Rausch, Olaf Kolditz, Christian Siebert, Ralf Merz, Nils Michelsen, Mohammed Al-Saud, Christoph Schüth
3D Groundwater Modeling of the Upper Mega Aquifer System (Arabian Peninsula) using OpenGeoSys
P 10.12 Florian Steffinger, Randolf Rausch, Bernhard Keim
Räumliche und zeitliche Varbiabilität von einzelnen Niederschlagsereignissen in Saudi-Arabien
P 10.13 Cornelia Wilske, Christian Siebert, Tino Rödiger, Broder Merkel
87Sr/86Sr ratios as a tracer for spring water origin in the arid sub catchment of Ein Feshkha, NW Dead Sea

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