Review of groundwater resources in the Czech Republic

Renata Kadlecova1, Jiri Bruthans1, Petr Mixa1, Miroslav Olmer1
1 Czech Geological Survay

P 12.6 in Groundwater quality

Assessment of groundwater resources was an integral part of the regional hydrogeological survey of Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic performed in the period 1966–1990. Meanwhile, methods of investigation and conditions of groundwater recharge have changed. Therefore, the former values of groundwater resources are now older than 20–30 years and their actual relevance is problematic.

In July 2010, the Czech Geological Survey has initiated a project aimed to reassess groundwater resources (both quantity and quality) in most important aquifers in the Czech Republic, situated in Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Trebon Basin and Cenozoic fluvial deposits. Aquifers boundaries have been refined using borehole geophysic logs and revaluation of borehole database. Conceptual models of 56 hydrogeological areas have been updated. At present hydrological and hydraulic modeling takes place. Chemical and isotopic study of groundwater is performed to obtain information about mean residence time of groundwater and quantitative status of the groundwater bodies according the European Water Framework Directive.

Based on environmental tracers the discharge from shallow aquifers predominantly contains water infiltrated   within last 60 years. Aquifers in Bohemian Cretaceous Basin often contain two types of groundwater based on environmental tracers: 1) Groundwater in stagnant and low-flow zones with low tritium activity, missing nitrates and anoxic conditions and 2) Groundwater in interconnected fracture systems with high tritium activity, nitrate content and oxic conditions. The former type is encountered by many monitoring wells, while the latter is dominating in discharge and water used for water supply.

Next task is to develop the methodological steps for the future periodical updating of groundwater resources.


The project is funded from three sources: European Regional Development Fund, the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic in terms of the Operational Program Environment.

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