0Keynotes [Details]
1Numeric simulation of flow and transport processes in aquifers and adjacent compartments [Details]Cirpka, Olaf; Liedl, Rudolf
2Hydrogeology of hard and jointed rock / Groundwater and karst [Details]Sauter, Martin
3From atmosphere to groundwater – hydrology of the vadose zone [Details]Durner, Wolfgang; Totsche, Kai Uwe
4Alpine hydrogeology [Details]Goldscheider, Nico; Schirmer, Mario; Benischke, Ralf
5Geophysical methods in hydrogeology [Details]Bitzer, Klaus; Rauen, Armin
6Groundwater, soil and surface water interactions [Details]Fleckenstein, Jan; Schmidt, Christian
7Groundwater and soil protection in relation to energy transition [Details]Fritsch, Peter; Sprenger, Wolfgang
8Geothermal energy und geocooling [Details]Kuntz, David; Schulze, Marcellus
9Urban hydrogeology [Details]Einsiedl, Florian; Zoßeder, Kai
10Hydrogeology of arid zones [Details]Rausch, Randolf; Schüth, Christoph
11Subsurface storage of heat, energy and carbon [Details]Bauer, Sebastian; Dahmke, Andreas
12Groundwater quality [Details]Peiffer, Stefan; Isenbeck-Schröter, Margot
13Czech-German exchange on environmental-, soil- and hydro(geo)logical issues [Details]Johannes Barth; Wagner, Bernhard; Krám, Pavel
14Fracking for energy and its role for groundwater and soils [Details]Johannes Barth; Schwartz, Frank; Elsner, Martin
15Forum of Young Hydrogeologists (H 36, NW III) [Details]Schulze, Marcellus; Frei, Sven