Groundwater meets Soil and Energy

Energy transition, climate change, groundwater protection – the interface of these controversial issues is the topic of the Meeting of the German Association for Hydrogeology 2014 in Bayreuth.

The soil, i.e. the vadose zone, is the first filter for the groundwater. Its significance for water balance and groundwater quality is still not well understood to date; at the same time the vadose zone is subject to immense impacts of climate and land use changes. Accelerating demands for using groundwater ecosystems for energy generation add to this problem area. These are reasons enough to dedicate a conference to these issues and furthermore to use the opportunity to learn how our neighboring countries are dealing with these challenges.

The organizers of the FH-DGG 2014 – the Universities of Erlangen and Bayreuth, the Geological Survey of the Czech Republic and the Bavaria State Office for the Environment – therefore call for a trans-border and international discussion of these issues. As an innovation for the German Association for Hydrogeology some sessions will completely be held in English, and contributions in English are welcome to all sessions. Renowned international hydrogeologists will contribute to the conference.

We invite you to take part in the discussions and look forward to welcoming you in May 2014 in Bayreuth for an interesting conference and excursion program!


The Organizing Committee of the FH-DGG 2014

last modified 2014-04-30