Call for Short Visits and Exchange Grants proposals

The ESF Research Networking Programme FIMIN invites applications for short-term travel and long-term exchange grants to foster scientific interactions between institutions from different countries. Funding will be granted to cover travel expenses and accommodation.

FIMIN aims at stimulating European research on the functionality of iron minerals. Cycling of electrons and matter through iron minerals is of relevance to contrasting disciplines in the environmental sciences, including geochemistry, biogeochemistry, microbiology, soil and hydrological sciences, and biotechnology. The ESF Research Network Programme allows participants to identify and to innovatively address cross-disciplinary research problems, the investigation of which is beyond the scope of individual isolated projects.

Travel grants are offered to further

  • the exchange of knowledge and materials (microbes, cultivation techniques, reference minerals or preparation procedures)
  • access to and support with analytical equipment (e.g. spectroscopy, geochemical techniques, stable isotope techniques, molecular biology, microbiology, field techniques and modelling)
  • access to potential study sites

The work supported by the grants can have different aims and formats, which should be clearly indicated in the application (e. g. laboratory or field work; modelling exercise; preparation of new proposals).

FIMIN offers two types of grants:


Deadline for submission:

Application deadlines for Exchange Grants are 15 February, 15 June and 15 October of each year, starting in October 2009. Proposals will be assessed within two weeks of the submission deadline. The earliest possible starting date of short- and long-term stays will be one month after the submission deadline.

Short Visit Grants can be applied for any time of the year. To get the funding in time it is recommended to apply two months ahead of the planned stay.

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