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The Resilient City: Myth? Ideal? Challenge? Opportunity?

Ben Wisner (Oberlin)

Dienstag, 02.10.2007: 08:35-09:00 Uhr

L. Vale and T. Campanella explore the reasons why cities severely damaged in war or through technologically or naturally triggered mishap rebound and are often cites of even increased economic and cultural vigor (The Resilient City: How Modern Cities Recover from Disaster, New York: Oxford, 2005). In a reflection on the issues the collections' authors raise from many disciplinary points of view, I focus on current issues of urban recovery in Central, East, and Southeast Asia and elsewhere. All of the classic cases of the phoenix like re-arising took advantage of large investments of capital. Indeed, many may be seen as examples of capitalism's cycle of "creative destruction" (see: Schumpeter, Harvey). What, however, of Muzzaferabad or Goma, where it is unlikely that internal national resources are sufficient, and where international aid extends only to humanitarianism?

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