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4th Central European Geomorphology Conference

October 9-13, 2017, University of Bayreuth, Germany

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Technical Information


Online registration and submission of contributions

In the online registration you are asked to provide your contact data and choose a field trip and the conference dinner as desired. On the second page you may submit a contribution to the conference (max. two contributions per person).

For submitting a contribution, please fill in the authors with affiliations, the title and an abstract (max. 7000 characters including spaces). Please choose the desired format of your presentation (poster or oral) and the session it fits in. You may indicate an alternative session, giving us more flexibility in the design of the program.

When the registration is finished you will receive a personal access code. You can check your data, add or edit your contributions (before the deadline on Juli 24th, 2017), or book a field trip on the internal part of the conference website using your personal access code.

Oral Presentations

The time slot for oral presentations is 20 minutes (15 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion). Keynote lectures are scheduled for 30 min (25 min presentation + 5 min discussion).

In the lecture hall there is a projection unit. As presentation software Adobe Reader and Microsoft Powerpoint are provided. Please bring your presentation on USB stick during the breaks to the presentation laptop. For special requirements you may bring your own laptop.

Poster Presentations

Best poster format is A0 Portrait (84.1×118.9 cm). The posters will be presented in four poster sessions. Posters will be hanging during the first three days of the conference. Poster numbers can be found on each board, poster pins will be provided.

There will be a list of poster session timeslots where you can indicate your presence at your poster. The originally planned 1 minute poster presentations in the lecture room ("poster flash") had to be cancelled for time reasons. Instead, you have the option to invite up to five participants to your poster.

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