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4th Central European Geomorphology Conference

October 9-13, 2017, University of Bayreuth, Germany

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Monday, 09.10.2017


Guided Tour: Ecological Botanical Garden / Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten (ÖBG)


Guided Tour: Paläobotanische Sammlung Stiftung Rossmann


Guided Tour: Bayerisches Geoinstitut (BGI)

18:30Icebreaker and Registration (GEO Building)

Tuesday, 10.10.2017

08:00Registration (GEO Building)

Opening (H8, GEO Building)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, President of the University of Bayreuth
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Zöller, Geomorphology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth


"Processes and interactions between core-mantle boundary, crust, and surface"

O 1.1: Marcel Thielmann: Latest developments in Earth dynamics models and their impact on surface processes
09:30O 1.2: Liviu Matenco: Tectonic-induced changes in topography and sedimentation in active collisional areas
10:00Coffee Break

"Cretaceous and Cenozoic volcanism in Europe, relations to geomorphology"

O 2.1: David Karatson: Volcanic evolution and morphology of the Late Quaternary Ciomadul lava dome complex, the youngest center within the Inner Carpathian Volcanic Range
11:00O 2.2: Christoph Schmidt et al.: The age of young volcanoes revealed by luminescence methods – Examples from the Eifel and the Cameroon Volcanic Line

"Interplay of endogenous and exogenous processes, climate change, and their feedbacks"

O 3.1: Hans Keppler: Volcano atmosphere interactions
11:50O 3.2: Pieter van der Beek et al.: Late-Cainozoic climate change, erosion rates, and relief of mountain belts
12:20Lunch Break
13:30O 3.3: Alain Demoulin et al.: Geomorphometric dating of uplift: The case of the NW European foreland of the Alpine arc
13:50O 3.4: Leszek Jankowski et al.: Geological control of the Outer Western Carpathians’ relief dvelopment: from basinal stage to gravitational collapse – a new approach
14:10O 3.5: Zdzislaw Jary et al.: Litho-pedostratigraphic units and chronology of Late Pleistocene Loess in Poland
14:30O 3.6: Hans von Suchodoletz et al.: Late Pleistocene river migrations in response to thrust belt advance and sediment-flux steering - The Kura River (southern Caucasus)
14:50Poster Session

"Geomorphological risk assessment and geodynamic view of the earth’s surface"

O 5.1: Martin Doevenspeck: A Political Geography of Volcanic hazards in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo
16:30O 5.2: Hamid Sana: Liquefaction as a seismic hazard, an example from the Kashmir Himalaya
16:50O 5.3: Wolfgang Schwanghart et al.: Geomorphological hazards and risks to hydropower projects in the Himalaya
17:10O 5.4: Annegret Larsen: Are we missing much of the zoo? Biotic drivers of river and floodplain geomorphology
17:30Poster Session

Public Evening Lecture:
Dan Frost: The formation of diamonds and their journey to the surface

19:30Conference Dinner (Mensa)

Wednesday, 11.10.2017


"Glaciations and periglacial: shaping the earth’s surface and feedbacks with the lithosphere and the asthenosphere"

O 4.1: Jan A. Piotrowski: Under the past ice sheets: processes, deposits and landforms - insights from field, experimental and numerical studies
09:30O 4.2: Olivier Moine et al.: Radiocarbon dating of Last Glacial loess deposits using earthworm calcite granules
09:50O 4.3: Leszek Marks: Geological record of the late Middle Pleistocene climate change in Poland
10:10O 4.4: Margot Böse et al.: How Geochronological Data can modify the Traditional Geomorphological School
10:30Coffee Break
11:00AKG (Arbeitskreis Geomorphologie): Obituories, important news (Markus Fuchs)
11:20O 4.6: Igor Obreht et al.: Shift of large-scale atmospheric systems over Europe during late MIS 3 and implications for Modern Human dispersal
11:40O 4.7: Daniel Wolf et al.: Climate deteriorations and Neanderthal demise in interior Iberia

""Anthropocene": Shaping of earth’s surface by man – risks and prospects"

O 6.1: Philip GIBBARD: The Anthropocene; a formal stratigraphical unit, an informal concept, or an interval of Holocene time?
12:30Lunch Break
13:30O 6.2: Andreas Lang: A geomorphological Anthropocene?
13:50O 6.3: Wiebke Bebermeier et al.: Coupling on-site and off-site studies as an approach in geoarchaeological research: A case study from the dry zone of Sri Lanka
14:10O 6.4: Bernhard Lucke: Archaeological sites in the southern Levant as archives of dust deposition
14:30O 6.5: Bartłomiej Wyżga et al.: Hydraulic conditions of flood flows in a mountain river affected by human impacts
14:50Poster Session

"Free topics"

O 7.1: Kirsten von Elverfeldt: Self-organisation – Implications for Global Environmental Change Research
16:20O 7.2: Markus Fuchs et al.: Stone Pavements: Formation process and distribution
16:40O 7.3: Michael Dietze et al.: Rock fall patterns across Central Europe: a large scale seismic perspective on mass wasting activities
17:00Award Session
17:30Poster Session

Thursday, 12.10.2017


Field Trip I: Central Fichtel Mountains, Cheb Basin, and Mariánské Lázně Fault

Friday, 13.10.2017


Field Trip II: Western Border Fault Zone of the Bohemian Massif („Franconian Lineament“)

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