Technical Instructions for Presentations

Oral Presentations

Time slot for oral presentations is 15 minutes (12 minutes presentation + 3 minutes discussion). Please stay in time!

In each lecture hall there is a projection unit.  The following presentation software will be provided: Adobe Reader 9, Microsoft Power Point 2007 and OpenOffice Presenter 3.1. The presentation file must be submitted on-line (Login + Password from the registration mail). Deadline for submission of presentation files is 7:00 in the morning of the day of the presentation


Best poster format is DIN A0 Portrait. Posters can be put up Monday morning and stay on the poster boards until the closing of the conference on Thursday. There will be the poster number on each board. Poster pins will be provided.

Poster Presentations

We plan poster presentations for each symposium in the lecture hall. You have one minute and one slide to present your poster. You may use the template file given here. It is not resonable to put the whole poster on the slide. The intention of poster presentations is to give a quick overview to the audience, which posters might be interesting for them. Thus please only present the topic of your poster. For details there is the poster session! You can find the schedule of the poster presentations on "Details" on the symposia page.

Submission of the poster presentation file will use the same on-line procedure as for oral presentations. However only pdf-files will be accepted. Deadline for submission is 7:00 in the morning of the day of the poster presentation. You should indicate the poster number on your slide. All submitted pdf-files of the poster of a symposium will get merged into on large pdf-file by the conference office. A missing file will imply that you do not want to give a poster presentation.

Meet Authors at the Poster

For every poster there will be an half an hour timeslot when the author should be present at his poster. Details are on the symposia page.

Speaker Ready Room

We are providing a Speaker Ready Room to presenters: room K4 near the onference office in building NW II. During break times the presentation laptops will be available allowing you to check whether your presentation
is running properly.

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