8th to 12th January, 2015 - Bayreuth, Germany


PS1Adaptation, Migration, Persistence, Extinction: New Insights from Past Climate Changes [Details]
PS2Tracking Changes from Space: Advances of Remote Sensing in Biogeography [Details]
PS3Paleobiogeography: The Importance of Fossil Data to Species Biogeography Past, Present, and Future [Details]
PS4Global Functional Diversity in a Data-Rich Era [Details]
CT1Island Biogeography [Details]Manuel Steinbauer
CT2Climate-Change Biogeography [Details]Jessica Blois
CT3Gradients, Range Limits, and Beta Diversity [Details]Carl Beierkuhnlein
CT4Historical and Paleo-Biogeography [Details]Corinne Myers
CT5Conservation Biogeography [Details]Jan Axmacher
CT6Modelling Species and Ecosystems [Details]Francisco Rodriguez-Sanchez
CT7Phylogeography [Details]Anna Papadopoulou
CT8Quaternary and Cultural Legacies [Details]Daniel Gavin
CT9That Grand Subject [Details]Lawrence Heaney
CT10Invasions [Details]Bethany Bradley
CT11Latitudinal Biodiversity Gradients [Details]Roland Jansson
CT12Biodiversity Hotspots [Details]Jürgen Dengler
CT13Marine Biogeography [Details]
CT14Natural-Disturbance Biogeography [Details]