8th to 12th January, 2015 - Bayreuth, Germany

CT13 Marine Biogeography


P13.1 Marc Fernandez, Chris Yesson, Alexandre Gannier, Peter Miller, James Bowcot, Jose Manuel Neto Azevedo

Modelling the ecological niche of highly mobile species in a dynamic environment

P13.2 Théo Gaboriau, Nicolas Hubert, David Mouillot

Analysis of historical and evolutionnary constraints on reef fishes distribution at the Indo-pacific scale

P13.3 Yasuhiro Kubota, Youta Miyagi, Buntarou Kusumoto

Biodiversity of coral reefs and geographical pattern of marine protected area

P13.4 Fabien Leprieur, Simona Colosio, Patrice Descombes, Valeriano Parravicini, Michel Kulbicki, Peter Cowman, David Bellwood, David Mouillot, Loic Pellissier

Global-scale patterns of phylogenetic structure in tropical reef fish assemblages

P13.5 Anja Singer, Ulrike Schückel, Heiko Westphal, Karsten Lettmann, Gerald Millat, Melanie Beck, Ingrid Kröncke

Modelling the past, present and future distribution of macrofauna species in the Jade Bay (North Sea, Germany)

P13.6 Amy Waterson, Kirsty Edgar, Daniela Schmidt, Paul Valdes

Planktic foraminifera: modelling the climatic constraints on modern and palaeo-biogeography

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