8th to 12th January, 2015 - Bayreuth, Germany

CT14 Natural-Disturbance Biogeography


P14.1 Alina Baranova, Udo Prof. Dr. Schickhoff, Shunli Wang

Feed values variation in arid mountain pastureland under grazing impact in Qilian Shan, NW China

P14.2 Caitlyn Debevec

Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) biodiversity in south-central Florida and the dilution effect for exposure to zoonotic disease

P14.3 Lisa Guan, Chris DiVittorio, Justin Chin, Julianne Hay, Natalie Holt, Tyner Pesch, Amelia Weiss, William Dietrich, Mary Power

Causes and consequences of riparian tree recruitment in a steep Mediterranean river

P14.4⚡ Anke Jentsch

Towards generality in studies of disturbance and ecosystem dynamics

P14.5 Eunyoung Jung, Bettina Engelbrecht

Variation of plant drought tolerance in temperate grasslands: Effects on community assembly and ecosystem resilience

P14.6 İpek Özalp, Meral Avci

Geographical fundamenthals of the plant diversity at the south of the Göksu Valley (TAŞELI Plateau) Turkey

P14.7 Birgit Schwabe

Disturbances in an alpine valley, Reintal, Wetterstein

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