8th to 12th January, 2015 - Bayreuth, Germany


Pre-conference workshops
January 8, 2015

Workshop 1 8:30 AM
to 5:00 PM

Towards the ‘next generation’ of species distribution modeling:
emerging themes and methods

Workshop 2
1:00 PM
to 5:30 PM
Free your mind: Model comparison and model testing in historical biogeography
with the R package 'BioGeoBEARS'
Workshop 5
1:00 PM
to 3:00 PM
EU-fundraising in the field of biogeography

Post-conference workshops
January 12, 2015:

Workshop 3

8:30 AM
to 5:00 PM

An Overview of IPBES and Contributions from Biogeographers

Workshop 4
8:30 AM
to 12:00 PM

Integrative analysis of spatial biodiversity data and Map of Life