8th to 12th January, 2015 - Bayreuth, Germany

Workshop 3  (January 12)   

An Overview of IPBES and Contributions from Biogeographers

- cancelled -

Full day - 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, up to 50 participants


  • Lars Opgenoorth, Department of Ecology, University of Marburg
  • Marten Winter, Scientific Coordinator 
Synthesis Centre for Biodiversity Sciences – sDiv

Aim and Content:

The “Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services” (IPBES) is a new platform created by the international community in 2012 to “provide a mechanism recognized by both the scientific and policy communities to synthesize, review, assess and critically evaluate relevant information and knowledge generated worldwide by governments, academia, scientific organizations, non-governmental organizations and indigenous communities” (www.ipbes.net).  The first IPBES assessments will be published by early 2015. 

This workshop will provide background information as a prelude to a broader discussion.  First, IPBES participants will present first-hand insights into the first set of assessments that will be presented and voted on the same week in the plenary at IPBES-3 in Bonn. During the workshop we will outline how work is structured within IPBES, what the different tasks are for experts, and what the respective work load is.  Second, in-depth information will be presented on the upcoming calls for working groups.  Third, we will discuss how we as an organization of specialists contribute to the review process and how we can feed back our view into the process.  The last set of discussions will revolve around the political nature of IPBES: How does IPBES work? How are the crucial in plenary line-by-line rounds for the policy summary run? How is the public perception of IPBES results in general? How have NGOs and learned societies - such as IBS - used these assessments and the contradictions between policy summaries and full reports in the public? How should we improve on that?