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INQUA–INTAV International Field Conference and Workshop

Crossing New Frontiers - Tephra Hunt in Transylvania 24-29 June 2018 in Romania, Europe

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How to get to Resort ‘Cheile Gradistei’ Fundata

Resort ‘Cheile Gradistei‘ Fundata is located in the village of Moieciu de Sus, at 35 km from Brasov city, in the Carpathian Mountains. Travel arrangements and transfers (paid by the participants) from/to Bucharest or Sibiu International Airports, as well as to/from Brasov city train station, can be arranged upon request by the organizing committee once your travel details have firmed up.

The shuttle (private comfortable cabs with English-speaking drivers) services from Bucharest Airport to Resort ‘Cheile Gradistei‘ Fundata are available at the price:

● 67-68 euro 1 person/cab
● 23-24 euro/person for 3 seat shared cab
● 20 euro/person on a 7 seat shared cab

We advise that participants book their flight tickets as soon as possible – a range of international companies, as well as many low budget flights, operate at these airports.

For those who want to arrange their own travel, there are also bus services and train services between Bucharest Gara de Nord train station and Brasov city station (travel time between ~2 hr 30 min and ~3 hr 30 min, depending on the type of train), as well as between Sibiu and Brasov. Numerous bus services are also available.

A range of providers, usually at very affordable rates, provides car rental options at Bucharest and Sibiu airports.

More information on Romania, including tourist information: http://romaniatourism.com/about-romania.html



Please consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage at http://mae.ro/en/node/2035 for the list of states whose holders of simple passports are required a visa to entry Romania. In case you need a visa please contact Daniel Veres (daniel.veres@ubbcluj.ro; dsveres@gmail.com) as soon as possible.

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