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INQUA–INTAV International Field Conference and Workshop

Crossing New Frontiers - Tephra Hunt in Transylvania 24-29 June 2018 in Romania, Europe

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Publication of Proceedings

INTAV has secured a provisional agreement with the editor-in-chief of Quaternary International (QI), the flagship journal of INQUA, to publish papers arising from the “Crossing new frontiers” conference in a possible special volume dedicated to tephra and cryptotephra studies (subject to conditions). INTAV has an outstanding track record in publishing special tephra volumes following inter-INQUA tephrochronological meetings. The volume arising from the Kirishima meeting in Japan in 2010, published in QI in the calendar year (2011) following the conference, was described by Prof Norm Catto, former ed-in-chief for QI, as an “outstanding QI volume” and “one of the most commonly downloaded through the Elsevier website”. Hence, as with the special issue on tephras in Quaternary Geochronology published in 2017, such collections provide firstly an impetus to get your work written up and published, and secondly they enhance the impact of your work because the special issues tend to be more widely seen and read as a collective than as individual papers.

Details about the guest editors for the special tephra issue “Crossing new frontiers” of QI, and the deadline and process for submission of manuscripts, will be provided at the conference.

Currently, it is anticipated that the deadline for submitting papers is within 6 months of the meeting date (i.e. no later than ~31 December 2018).

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