Marcus A. Horn

Marcus A. Horn

Akademischer Oberrat

At Department of Ecological Microbiology until 03/2016

Research Interests

  • Microbial Metabolism of Nitrous Oxide, molecular Hydrogen, and Methane in Peatlands
  • New Denitrifiers in Permafrost-affected Tundra as Drivers of Extreme Nitrous Oxide Emissions 
  • Trophic Ineractions and Microbial Diversity in Biogas Plants: Potential for Optimizations of Methane Yields
  • Anaerobic Processes in the Alimentary Canal of Earthworms
  • Effecrt of  Macrofauna on the Degradation of Xenobiotics in soil
  • Development of Methods for the Analysis of Process-Associated Microbes (Molecular, Microbilogical, and Analytical Tools)

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