WP7: Validation

The main aim of the work in this work package is the systematic validation of the proposed inquiry based approaches and activities in order to identify their impact in terms of effectiveness and efficiency

The Pathway consortium has allocated this task to European Schoolnet (EUN), the network of 31 European Ministries of Education with long experience in validating innovative approaches to teaching and learning. EUN will mobilize the necessary number of validation experts in the participating countries and develop the optimum validation scheme for such a large scale initiative. Additionally EUN already operates a large network of users (school teachers and students) who will be involved in the validation process.

To make sure communication runs fluently from top to bottom (i.e. the information from the coordinating body reached the teachers and the trainers) and bottom to top (i.e. any problems / data from the schools reached EUN), a clear information chain will be set up. Each pilot site will have a coordinator in charge of the teachers participating in the project, the pilot sites will be supervised by National Coordinators and the project partners will be in charge of the National Coordinators.


Expected results (public reports / workshops)

Validation Plan
D7.2 Validation instruments and feedback tools
D7.3 Training Workshops
D7.4 Validation Report (Interim)
D7.5 Validation Report (Final)

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