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Lehrstuhl Pflanzenökologie - Prof. Dr. Steven Higgins

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Wei XueDr.

Wei Xue


Bis 03/2016 beim Lehrstuhl für Pflanzenökologie
e-Mail: xuewei8341(at)yeah.net

Evaluation of biophysical factors driving temporal variations in carbon gain, water use and yield production in rice

(Ph.D. thesis, supervised by Prof. Dr. John Tenhunen)

We are living in an era in which anthropogenic intervention and global change are causing shifts in thestructure and function of ecosystems and landscapes, thereby modifying regional land surface exchange processes. A further result is that food production systems and food security are threatened. Studies were carried out to better understand how high yield production can be achieved with optimal N and water use in rice agro-ecosystems. These studies will shed light on how to best work toward sustainable development and livelihoods.

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