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Cosmas Kombat LambiniM.Sc.

Cosmas Kombat Lambini


Bis 09/2017 beim Lehrstuhl für Pflanzenökologie
e-Mail: cosmasworld(at)gmail.com

Economics of Forest Ecosystem Services Supply in Developing Economines

Cumulative Ph.D. thesis supervised by PD Dr. Thanh Trung Nguyen and Prof. Dr. John Tenhunen.

My PhD works seeks to answers questions on supplying joint production of forest ecosystem services.

The thesis seeks to identify the role of property rights in forest ecosystem services.

We model the cost of joint production and cost efficiencies in the supply of joint outputs (timber, carbon and biodiversity) and finally evaluates the role of conservation based groups play in the supply of these services (timber, carbon and biodiversity).


Keywords: Forest economics, ecosystem services valuation, environmental management policy, institutional economics, rural development, agricultural marketing and value chain analysis, livelihood system analysis, participatory research, project management.

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