Pflanzenökologie (bis 1997)
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Durka, W; Giesemann, A; Schulze, ED; Jäger, HJ: Stable sulfur isotopes in forest spring waters from the Fichtelgebirge (Germany), Isotopes Environm. Health Studies, 35, 237-249 (1999)
The potential role of processes discriminating S isotopes, for example dissimilatory SO42- reduction and mineralization, in determining SO42- concentrations was studied in forest spring water. S-isotope composition of sulfate from atmospheric input and forest springs representing a wide range of SO42- concentrations was investigated in the Fichtelgebirge (NE Bavaria, Germany). d34S values in atmospheric input ranged from +3.7 to +5.7 o/oo. In spring waters with SO42- > 150 µmol 1-1 34S values were between +4 and +5o/oo, whereas 34S values increased up to +7.2o/oo below 150 µmol 1-1 SO42-. SO42- mineralization seemed to have no effect on isotopic composition since all 34S values of spring water were higher than input values. Dissimilatory SO42- reduction occurred in springs with SO42- < 150 µmol 1-1. Spatial heterogeneity in forest soils or flow paths has to be invoked to explain increased 34S values since NO3- concentrations would not allow for SO42- reduction to occur.
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