Activity 1.2: Quality control and improvement of eddy flux data
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Task 1.2.2 Improvement of quality control procedures on eddy covariance data:
New methodological components (planar fit rotation, ogive-test) as well as suitable quality control procedures will be developed. An high quality sensor set-up and associated methodical issues will be developed to investigate the energy balance closure as a control method for eddy covariance measurements. The Waldstein-Weidenbrunnen site of the University of Bayreuth will be used as a data quality test station.
Responsible for this task: Thomas Foken and Matthias Mauder, University of Bayreuth

Timetable and documents

1. Documents for the software camparison (March 2004)

The QA/QC programme is also available with codes 0,1,2 as normally used in CARBOEUROPE.

- FORTRAN code of the QA/QC routine according to Foken and Wichura (1996) with three quality classes (Code 1,2,3)  (Code 0,1,2)  (read me)

- Description of the QAQC programme according to Foken and Wichura (1996) with three quality classes (Code 1,2,3)  (Code 0,1,2)

- List of available eddy covariance software including data handling and corrections

- Exchange format for data files to be used in the software comparison experiment       Example

2. Request for data files (August 2004)

- Who is able to submit files of different sensor combinations?   LIST

3. Instructions for the software comparison (September 2004)

4. Software comparison (Oktober & November 2004) by the producer of the software

5. Analysis of the software comparison (December 2004-February 2005)

6. First conclusions to be presented during the next CARBOEUROPE-IP meeting

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