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Soil Physics

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Current Theses

Master's Theses
Fabian Wankmüller A stomatal regulation algorithm consistent with abscisic acid (ABA) signaling predicts the concomitance of hydraulic loss and transpiration reduction during drought

The thesis of Fabian Wankmüller presents a new model and concept of stomata regulation that links soil and plant hydrological principles ( soil-plant hydraulic conductance) to plant physiological evidence of stomata regulation (chemical signaling -i.e., abscisic acid, photosynthesis rate). The model developed here includes simulations of leaf water potential based on plant transpirational demand, soil water potential, and variable hydraulic conductances of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, and a function that links stomatal conductance to photosynthesis rate. This model reproduces a flexible stomatal behavior in response to various air moisture and soil-hydraulic conditions and casts light on new aspects of stomata regulation under variable environmental conditions such as soil drying, increasing vapor pressure deficit in the air, and day and night cycles. more

Supervisor: Andrea Carminati, Mohsen Zare
Ursula Elisabeth Bundschuh Water repellency of beech forest soils measured with sessile drop and capillary rise method

Supervisor: Andrea Carminati, Pascal Benard, Mohsen Zare
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